I focus on improving inclusion and access in the worlds of disability and sexuality. I am an engaging writer and a charismatic speaker and educator, with over fifteen years of experience covering disability, sexuality, and kyriarchy from a social justice-oriented perspective.

Social Justice-Related Teaching Experience
I have engaged with teaching through a social justice lens since 2001. I currently offer 24 workshops with a focus on disability and sexual education topics, as well as guest lectures and professional development given to diverse audiences, including medical professionals, disabled people, sex educators, sex workers, entrepreneurs, and college students, both undergraduate and graduate. As learning is an ongoing process, I am forever evolving disability-focused sex education curricula for disabled people, caregivers, medical providers, and sex educators. I also provide coaching and peer support regarding disabled sexuality to individuals as requested.

Accessibility Experience
I assist with improving inclusion and access by providing accessibility audits of websites, venues, and events, and more. When I have edited video recordings for myself and others, I always provide transcription and captions. For every website and social media account that I manage, I write ALT text and image descriptions.

Navigation and Advocacy Experience
For over a decade I have volunteered as a patient navigator and advocate for systems such as health care, Vocational Rehabilitation, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Health and Human Services, and Social Security services. I provide navigation services for multiple people of diverse backgrounds through various aspects of many social services, medical coverage issues, the purchase of private insurance, and other forms of aid.

Writing and Publication Experience
Since the 1990s, I have coordinating and editing blog posts and mailing list updates. I have been interviewed for and authored articles, essays, and resource guides for various publications, both print and web. My writing has been published in several anthologies.

Ongoing Projects



  • The Time for Inclusivity in Sexual Wellness Is Now. Sex Expo. October 1, 2022.
    Moderator: Lidia Bonilla. Co-panelists: Steph Zapata, Tatyannah King, Ryan DiMartino.
  • Coping with Social Media’s Anti-Sexual Wellness Policies. Sex Expo. October 1, 2022.
    Moderator: Cheyenne Davis. Co-panelists: Zoe Ligon, Lou Featherstone, Adonis BC Okonkwo, Maddox, Ashleigh Tribble.
  • The Future of Sex, Toys, Tips and Tricks for a New Era of Pleasure. Sex Expo. October 1, 2022.
    Moderator: Nan Wise. Co-panelists: Zoe Ligon, Anna Lee, Kristen Tribby.
  • The Arc SF Speaker Series: Disability and Sexuality. (The Arc of San Francisco. February 10, 2022.)

  • Disability and Sex for Providers. (Widener University. March of 2017.)
  • Educating Future Doctors About the Realities of Disability. (Georgetown University School of Medicine. November of 2016.)
  • Sex and Disability for Medical Students. (George Washington University. August of 2015.)
  • Rare Disease Patient Focus Group. (National Institutes of Health. January of 2013.)
  • Women and Self-Inflicted Violence Workshop. (Visions in Feminism Conference, 2002.)
    co-panel with Erica Smith and Sara Plourde


  • Teaching Medical Students About Sex and Disability. (American Medical Student Association. April 12, 2022.)
  • Loose Lipped: Adapting Sexual Pleasure for Pelvic Pain. (ClitFest. March 27, 2022.)
  • Teaching Peer Teen Sex Educators About Sex and Disability. (Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan New Jersey. March 21, 2022.)
  • Making It More Accessible: A Guide for Educators. (Sex Down South. September 11, 2021.)
  • Playing It Safe(r): Technological Security For A Post-FOSTA World. (Sex Down South. September 10, 2021.)
  • Fuck The Pain Away: Kink as Chronic Pain Management. (Sex Down South. September 9, 2021.)
  • Fuck The Pain Away: Kink as Chronic Pain Management. (May 11, 2021.)
  • Intersectionality of sex & disability. (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. March 29, 2021.)
  • Making Your Virtual Teaching More Accessible, pt 4: Bonus class on accessibility. (Sex Geek Conservatory. December 28, 2020.)
  • Making Your Virtual Teaching More Accessible, pt 3: Hot Seats & Coaching. (Sex Geek Conservatory. December 17, 2020.)
  • Making Your Virtual Teaching More Accessible, pt 2: Technical Application. (Sex Geek Conservatory. December 10, 2020.)
  • Making Your Virtual Teaching More Accessible, pt. 1: Accessible Communication and What It Solves. (Sex Geek Conservatory. December 3, 2020.)
  • Making Your Online Presentations Accessible. (Everyone Deserves Sex Ed‘s Sex Educator Master Class Series. November 25, 2020.)
  • “Dress Sexy At My Funeral”: Final Arrangement Preparedness For Sex-Positive People. (Shadows and Light Festival. September of 2020.)
  • Playing with Disability – Modifying Play for Folks with Disabilities and Chronic Pain. (Shadows and Light Festival. September of 2020.)
  • Accessing Disabled Pleasure. (The CSPH. September of 2020.)
  • Playing It Safe(r): Better Practices for Technological Security. (September of 2020.)
  • Making Presentations More Accessible. (September of 2020.)
  • Accessing Disabled Pleasure. (Erotic Intimacy Festival. July of 2020.)
  • Making It More Accessible: A Guide for Greater Inclusion. (Virtual Facilitators Toolbox. June of 2020.)
  • Tools for Sex Geeks Who ≠ Tech Nerds. (Zoom for private group. May of 2020.)
  • The State of Disability & Pleasure. (The Disability and Sexuality Access Network. May 6, 2020.)
  • Making Way for Disabled Sex Educators. (Tufts University’s Sex & Accessibility Symposium. February 20, 2020.)
  • Playing with Disability: Adapting Play for People with Disabilities and Our Partners. (Shiver. February of 2020.)
  • Making It More Accessible: A Guide for Presenters. (Ducky Doolittle’s Skill Share Series. October of 2019.)
  • Playing with Disability – Adapting Play for People with Disabilities and Our Partners. (Stony Brook University TNG. May of 2019.)
  • Disability and Kink; Crip Time and Spoon Theory; Navigating Multiple Services While Multiply Disabled. (Widener University. March of 2017.)
  • Chronic Pain, Disability, Sex, and Kink. (Widener University. March of 2016.)
  • Sex and Sexuality-Based Violence: A Conversation. (Visions in Feminism Conference, 2002.)

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  • Advocacy
  • Common Language / Clear Language
  • Navigation of bureaucracy
  • Public speaking
  • Research
  • Storytelling
  • Writing

Continuing Education

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  • Accessibility
  • Disability Justice
  • Kink and Chronic Pain
  • Social Justice
  • Structural Change


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