“My life has been enriched by their work”

Kiki S.

I have been interacting with Cassandra’s written work since the early 2000s. From the beginning i was struck by how incisive and sharp their words were. Personal anecdotes hold as much political relevance as writing directly intended to address political issues. They have always written about disability and sexuality with a frankness and honesty I aspire to.

As the years have gone on i have sought their advice about various issues and not only have they always responded, but have always had even more to offer me than i even realized i needed. They are knowledgeable and informed on an array of issues and know how to give explanations that are usable and make sense. Their constant work to resist oppressive paradigms shows in everything they do. I can truly say my life has been enriched by their work and don’t know what i would do without the advice and information they have provided me.


Patient Advocate & Peer Support

Lilly Delvaux

Caz made recommendations for what type of specialists to see for pain management, and has also made recommendations on medical conditions I should look into for answers on why my current diagnosis isn’t covering everything. When the specialist for one probable diagnosis wasn’t able to help me for various reasons, Caz assisted me with medication/supplement management for the condition.

I have multiple chronic conditions so I’m not “cured” but all of Caz’s assistance has helped. Their recommendation last year of seeing a physical therapist for pain management helped a lot, until the pain moved. The recommendation of a probable diagnosis has cleared up a lot of “this doesn’t make sense” issues I’ve had, and the medications/supplements recommended have increased my quality of life.

Every single time I’ve gone to Caz for any assistance at all with my medical conditions I’ve walked away more informed, more confident in the care I was to receive from my doctors and how to recognize if I wasn’t receiving the proper care. If Caz were available in my area as a local patient advocate then things would improve even more! I cannot recommend Caz enough for whatever it is you need their help with. They’re kind, considerate, knowledgeable and really great with communication and making sure that what they say is easy to understand. They meet me on my level.


Patient Assistance

Res C.

Caz was able to take a list of appointments we needed and in just an afternoon was able to coordinate multiple appointments with different providers that didn’t compromise our existing obligations.

I feel a lot of relief that those appointments are going to happen and we won’t fall behind in scheduling with our providers again. But if we do I know I can ask Caz for help.


Brand Consulting & Workflow Accountability

Ace Tilton Ratcliff, writer and activist

Consulting with Cassandra was integral for helping me reorganize my social media brand prior to a major presentation, starting specifically with my website. They assisted with a breakdown of how I would approach the reorg and helped me figure out a timeline for accomplishing it in a short period of time, prior to the presentation. They also assisted with accountability throughout the process. Having their guidance made what felt like an overwhelming task feel like something that actually could be accomplished — and indeed, I was able to do exactly that! I wouldn’t have known where to even begin without Cassandra. Extremely grateful!


Website Accessibility

Bianca Palmisano, sexual health educator

When I first designed my website, I knew that something wasn’t quite right. I didn’t know what exactly was wrong with the design or how to fix it. Caz immediately jumped in, walking me through each page of my site, explaining accessibility principles and telling what information was confusing or hard to find. I used their guidance to completely overhaul my website layout, which has made a huge difference for my business.


Non-Fiction Editing

Ananda Rose Bennett, writer and model

Caz is a great editor. They will never judge the content of your work. They will always listen to your opinion and put the overall message of your work first.



Gwen W., coordinator & advisor

When I took over the wordpress site at a new job Caz was the first person to explain the problems I had in a way that was both easily understandable and practically useful.