GVibe MINI Review

Hi, I’m Caz and I’m going to share with you my experience using the Gvibe MINI. You should know that I underwent surgery for prolapse

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A green meadow background. I, a white nonbinary person with long brown hair, hold a blue smoke bomb up in the air. The smoke cascades behind me. I am wearing a black leather jacket, a navy blue shirt, large black boots, and black leggings with a print of unicorns and rainbows.

One of Us

It was recently #NationalComingOutDay as well as #WorldMentalHealthDay so here’s a post about both. CN: mentions of self-harm, sexual assault, medical neglect, gaslighting, emotional abuse,

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Topamax Taper

Hey, I haven’t been around much (pause) lately and I wanted to record a video that short of sort of explains why, uh, this isn’t

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Most local anesthetics are weak bases (B) B + H+ ⇌ BH+ (protonated form) The relative proportion of the two forms is given by: log (BH/B)+B = pKA - pH e.g. 8.4 - 7.4 = 1 Thus the ionized molecules predominate

Side Effects May Vary

I’m still here, which constantly amazes me. I have not been engaging with social media but that doesn’t mean that I’m unaware of what’s been

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