Everything You Need To Manage Your Life, Business, Or Online Presence


Accessibility Insights (free)
Assists in solving accessibility issues in websites and applications. Android, Windows, and Web-based.

Accessibility Suite Pro ADA Plugin (yearly licensing fee)
A WordPress plugin to assist with auditing WordPress sites for accessibility according to WCAG and Section 508 standards.

axe (free)
Scans HTML documents for potential accessibility issues and tells you how to fix them.

BrowserStack (paid options)
A must-have tool for web designers and app developers, it provides mobile app and browser testing across 2,000+ real devices and browsers. But this isn’t an emulator or simulator — it provides testing on the actual devices and their many configurations.

Color.review (free)
An accessibility tool that focuses on color accessibility for design by checking on your swatch’s contrast.

Color Contrast Checker (free)
Enter your foreground and background colors in RGB hexadecimal format for this tool to guide you with proper color contrast.

Color-reliant Link Contrast Checker (free)
This tool assists you with making your link color scheme accessible.

Color Safe (free)
Provides accessible web color combinations.

CommonLook PDF Validator (free)
Works as a plugin within Adobe Acrobat. Verifies and validates document compliance automatically. Only PDF checker that tests against Section 508, WCAG 2.0 AA, PDF/UA and HHS standards.

File Transformer (free)
Converts your files into alternative formats to fit various needs, devices, and learning preferences. Web-based.

Koa11y (free)
A desktop app that allows you to automatically detect accessibility issues on webpages.

WAVE (free)
Scans HTML documents for potential accessibility issues and tells you how to fix them.

Accessibility Simulations

Distractability Simulation (free)

Dyslexia Simulation (free)

Low-vision Simulation (free)

Screen reader Simulation (free)

Do-it-Yourself Captioning and Subtitling

AutoCap (free and paid)
Helps you caption your videos. Android.

Amara (free)
Web-based for videos that are hosted elsewhere. Create your captions from scratch. Best for short videos.

Caption And Description Editing Tool (CADET) (free)
Downloadable caption-authoring software.

Quicc (free and paid)
Uses AI to caption your videos in a format that you can edit. Supports 11 different languages and dialects. Web.

Subtitle Edit (free)
A downloadable program with both beginner and advanced interfaces. Windows.

Do-it-Yourself Transcription

Descript (paid options)
Record. Transcribe. Edit. Mix.

Express Scribe (free and paid options)
Software designed for professional transcribers that can be controlled through your keyboard or a foot pedal. Mac and Windows.

The FTW Transcriber (free)
Features automatic timestamps and supports a wide range of audio and video file types. Windows and Android.

Inqscribe (one-time licensing fee)
A downloadable tool that allows all transcription to be done in one window. Plays audio and video from a URL, a server, a hard drive, a flash drive, and a CD. Windows and Mac.

OTranscribe (free)
Upload an audio or video file or provide a link to a YouTube video to transcribe your audio in the same tab you play your media. Web-based.

Subtitle Edit (free)
An open source editor for video subtitling.

Subtitle Horse (free and paid options)
Online captions and subtitles editor in your browser.

Transcribe (paid options)
A downloadable tool that provides secure transcription. Offers automatic transcription which you can edit, voice typing with dictation, and self-transcription. Also does video captioning.

AI Captioning & Transcription

Fireflies.ai (free and paid options)
AI Voice Assistant For Meetings. Record, Transcribe and Search across your voice conversations.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes (free and paid options)
Record and review in real time. Search, play, edit, organize, and share your conversations from any device. Generates sharable smart notes that sync audio, text, and images.

Rev (paid options)
Transcription, captions, and foreign subtitling. Choose between AI and human services. Human services are more expensive but more accurate.

Speechlogger (free)
Automatic transcription, captioning, and instant translation.

Speechnotes Files (paid options)
Automatic transcription of audio & video files.

Temi (paid options)
Speech to text AI transcription in 5 minutes.

Human Captioning & Transcription

3Play Media (paid options)
A company that provides closed captioning, live auto captioning, transcription, audio description, and translation with subtitling.

ai Media (paid options)
A company that provides closed captioning, live captioning, Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART), audio description, and transcription services for everything from social media streaming to events, conferences, and lectures.

Dotsub (paid options)
Any video; captioning in any language.

Rev (paid options)
Transcription, captions, and foreign subtitling. Choose between AI and human services. Human services are more expensive but more accurate.

Speech (Voice) to Text / Dictation

Dragon Speech Recognition (paid options)
Speech recognition software with high accuracy once trained.

Speechkeys (free)
Dictation keyboard. Chrome-only.

Speechnotes (free)
Speech to text online notepad.

Speechnotes (free)
Speech to text Chrome extension.

Voice Dictation for Chrome (free)
Speech recognition to write emails and documents in Google Chrome.

Other Communication Tools

SpeechNinja (free)
An Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Text To Speech reader online, that helps people speak out loud.

TTSReader (free)
Text to Speech Reader. Instantly reads out loud text, PDFs, and eBooks with natural sounding voices online. Just drop the text and click play.

Wavello by Sorenson (free app for hearing people)
A VRS call with video that shows the Deaf person, hearing person, and an interpreter. No additional callers can be added to the call. Free for the hearing person; Deaf user must have an ntouch product to use service.


Access Is Love: List of Readings and Resources
A starting point to learn about accessibility and disability justice.

ADA Accessibility Standards
Text of the Americans with Disabilities Act’s accessibility standards.

Alt-Text as Poetry
An of exploration of why and how to use alt-text for images.

ASL Access: Every Organizer’s Responsibility
A Facebook note (no login required) with links to multiple essays about the importance of providing ASL.

Autism & Safety Toolkit
A toolkit made by autistic self-advocates that provides information on abuse and neglect, bullying, interactions with police, mental health, and safely navigating community.

Community Access (Captions, Transcripts, Image Descriptions) [Facebook Group]
The members of this Facebook group provide captions, short transcripts, and image descriptions for free.

Design Patterns for Mental Health
Improving the standard of design in mental health products and services.

Drake Music
A UK-based arts charity working in music, disability, and technology who have been pioneering the use of accessible music technology for over 20 years.

Fragrance Free Femme of Colour Genius
A resource guide that explains how and why to be scent-free, including product recommendations.

How to report on mental health
Links to information on how to write about mental health, suicide, violence, and eating disorders in a stigma-reducing manner.

Inclusive Design 24
A yearly, free 24-hour event that shares knowledge and ideas about inclusive design. Check out their sessions from every year on their YouTube channel.

Individual Accounting and Finances

Expensify (free)
An expense reporting mobile and web application; the app tracks and files expenses such as fuel, travel, and meals; once users photograph receipts, artificial intelligence identifies the merchant, date and amount of the transaction, then automatically categorizes and saves the expense. It also allows users to create receipts from online purchases that can be submitted for reimbursement

MileIQ (free and paid options)
Accurate mileage reports. Stress-free logging. On your desktop. In the palm of your hand.

Mint (free)
We bring all of your money to one place, from balances and bills to credit score and more. Easily create budgets, and see our suggestions based on your spending. Check your free credit score as many times as you like, and get tips to help improve it.

Monefy (free)
Personal finance application that makes money management easy. Does not connect to any of your financial accounts so your information is more secure; all transactions are added manually. Android and iOS.

Shared Harvest Fund (paid options)
Get student loan debt paid off in exchange for volunteer work.

Track My Subs (free and paid options)
Take control of your subscriptions and be reminded before they hit your credit card.

You Need A Budget (paid options)
Personal budgeting software.

Small Business Accounting and Finances

AccountEdge (one time fee)
Small business accounting software for Mac and Windows. Also available via addon services: payroll processing, credit card processing, business checks, and email invoices/statements with payment links to allow your customers to pay online. Integrates with Shopify. Accepts recurring, subscription, and membership billing with Rerun integration.

AND CO (free and paid options)
Proposals, contracts, invoicing, payments, tasks, expense tracking, time tracking, and reports.

Bench.co (paid options)
Bench gives you a dedicated bookkeeper supported by a team of in-house experts. They’re here to take tedious financial admin and bookkeeping stress off your plate—for good.

FreshBooks (paid options)
Invoicing and accounting software. Expenses and receipts, time tracking, estimates, accept online payments, customizable invoices, payment reminders, automatic late fees, recurring invoices, much more.

Hiveage (free and paid options)
Online invoicing, estimates, payment gateways, financial reports, recurring billing, teams & businesses, time tracking, expenses tracking, mileage tracking, credit and debit card processing, and shareable payment links.

InvoiceBerry (paid options)
Invoices and quotes/ estimates, expenses, reports, multiple users, clients and items.

Invoicely (free and paid options)
Invoicing, online payments, time tracking, expense tracking, mileage, your own branding, manage your own multiple businesses with different team members, reports.

InvoiceQuick (free)
Free invoice generator for small business, freelancers and startups.

Neat (paid options)
Invoicing, track receipts, reconcile, prepare for taxes. Super simple accounting.

Quickbooks (paid options)
Accounting, payroll, and payments.

Wave Financial (free and paid options)
Accounting software, invoicing, payment solutions, payroll, and receipt tracking.

ZipBooks (free and paid options)
Accounting, one time and recurrent billing, reports and insights, expense tracking.

Zoho Invoice (free and paid options)
Invoices, payment reminders, accept credit cards online using your preferred payment gateway, estimates including terms and conditions, client portal, time tracking, expenses.

Automatic Money Savers (Automated Investment Services)

Invest spare change with every swipe, save money from no hidden fees and fee-reimbursed nationwide ATMs, and automatically set aside money from your paycheck. Has its own checking/debit card. Android, iOS, web.

Banking, investing, loans, longterm planning. Has its own checking/debit card. Android, iOS, web.

Analyzes your spending and automatically saves the perfect amount every day, so you don’t have to think about it. Android and iOS.

Banking, investment, retirement, and custodial accounts. Has its own checking/debit card. Android, iOS, web.

Cash reserve, no-fee banking, investing, IRA and 401(k). Has its own checking/debit card. Android, iOS, web.


intimate (ITM) is a token for payments, privacy, and reputation across the adult industry. intimate allows access to high quality content and interactions without having to disclose personal information, but still enjoying the benefits of reputation and reward industry wide

Privacy-protecting, digital currency built on strong science.


Credit card payoff calculator tool by Bankrate
Self-explanatory. Enter your debt amount, the interest rate, and whether you want to make payments over a certain amount of time or via a certain amount every month, and ta-da, this tool provides the total amount you’ll be paying and how long it will take to pay-off your debt.

Hourly Rate Calculator by Beewits
It’s a simple tool that will help you calculate how much you need to charge per hour based on the lifestyle you plan to have and expenses associated with your freelancing work.

Braina Virtual Assistant for PC (free and paid options)
For Windows PC, so you can have some privacy away from Cortana, Alexa, and all the rest. Features such as Speech to Text in any software or website, custom voice commands, English text to speech reader, play and search for songs and videos, and so much more.

IFTTT (free and paid options)
Pairs your various apps and devices together to make things run more smoothly. Like Zapier, but existed long before Zapier

Zapier (free and paid options)
Connects your apps and automates workflows.

Adalo (free and paid options)
Build your own app without any coding knowledge needed.

Tapps (free and paid options)
Creates hybrid website / mobile apps for sharing content that will be saved and referenced, such as a digital business card, proposal, discount card, or product guide.

ArchiveBox (free)
An open-source app to self-host your own private web archive. It saves HTML, JS, media files, PDFs, images and more as local, static, browsable HTML clones. You can even archive your entire browser history.

Archivy (free)
A self-hostable knowledge repository that allows you to preserve content in your own personal, searchable and extensible wiki.

Pinboard (free and paid options)
A bookmarking service. Paid; archiving (document repository) is a separate yearly fee.

Pocket (free and paid options)
A paid account allows you to build a permanent library of everything you’ve saved, complete with highlighting.

Polar (free and paid options)
Tagging, annotating, highlighting, keeping track of your reading progress for for web pages, textbooks, and PDFs; includes a document repository which saves all content (including webpages) into your account so even if the website goes down, you can still access its data from your Polar account.

Readwise (free and paid options)
Sync your highlights from Kindle, Instapaper, Pocket, iBooks, and more.

Zotero (free)
Collects documents into a document repository, organizes the documents any way you want, creates citations and bibliographies, and lets you share your sources for collaboration.

AddALL Book Search and Price Comparison (free)
A search engine specifically to assist with tracking down the best deal on books and other media. Searches more than 40 sites. Allows searches for ebooks, used books, magazines, music, movies, and in print books.

Bookfinder (free)
A search engine to find used books, rare books, textbooks, new and out-of-print books.

Calibre (free)
Ebook management.

EPubsoft Toolbox (one time license)
Helps you remove DRM from ebooks and convert your ebooks to other formats quickly.

Project Gutenberg (free)

Public Books Database (free)
Database of free books from academic presses.

Standard eBooks (free)
Produces new editions of public domain ebooks that are lovingly formatted, open source, and free.


Blisk (free)
A browser toolbox for web development

Responsively (free)
An opensource web dev tool.

Browser Extensions

Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans (free)
Available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge. Helps solve CAPTCHA audio challenges by using speech recognition.

ColorZilla (free)
Available for Chrome and Firefox. Color Picker, Eye Dropper, Gradient Generator and many additional advanced color tools.

Download Helper (free)
Available for Chrome and Firefox. Video download extension.

Momentum (free and paid options)
Extension that creates a customizable ‘new tab’ page with weather, todo list, and more. Paid option integrates with other task managers such as ToDoist and Trello.

OneTab (free)
Availabe for Chrome and Firefox. When your tabs are in the OneTab list, you will save up to 95% of memory because you will have reduced the number of tabs open in your browser.

Print Friendly & PDF (free)
Available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and IE. Optimizes webpages for printing and creates PDFs with clickable links.

Academia (free and paid options)
Builds your academic portfolio by showing your CV (institution, employment history, publications).

Career Management Document (free)
How to create your own for free.

Clippings (free and paid options)
Builds your writing portfolio.

Humanities Commons (free)
A trusted, nonprofit network where humanities scholars can create a professional profile, discuss common interests, develop new publications, and share their work.

Journo Portfolio (free and paid options)
Builds your writing portfolio.

Muck Rack (free and paid options)
Builds your journalism portfolio.

Open Context (free and paid options)
Open access service for research data management and publishing.

ResearchGate (free and paid options)
Builds your scientific portfolio by showing your CV (institution, employment history, publications).

Zenodo (free)
Free data sharing of your publications

EndNote (one time license)
EndNote X9 is the reference management software that not only frees you from the tedious work of manually collecting and curating your research materials and formatting bibliographies, but also gives you greater ease and control in coordinating with your colleagues. For Windows and Mac.

Zotero (free)
Collects documents into a document repository, organizes the documents any way you want, creates citations and bibliographies, and lets you share your sources for collaboration.

Client Relationship Managers (CRM)

CiviCRM (free)
This is an open source constituent relationship management (think customer relationship management) web application that is installed in conjunction with either Backdrop, Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress. It offers features such as contact management, contributions/donations, events, memberships, email marketing, advocacy campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraisers, and more.

Clay (paid options)
Scans your calendar automatically to collect people you’ve met and are going to meet. Then, populates all their relevant social information including their bio and your meeting history. There’s no asking for email access and no work to do after import. Ability to create notes with each meeting, call, or other interaction.

Cloze (paid options)
An advanced CRM app for Android and iOS that needs permissions to access every one of your apps to monitor your communication with absolutely everyone. If you’re okay with that and with the price tag, this is a powerful relationship manager that does all of the work for you.

GreenRope (paid options)
Communicate, Tracking Software, Automation Software, Email Software, Learning Software, Software Integrations, Mobile CRM, Shared Access, Data Security.

Hippo (paid options)
Notes, to-dos, and events. No account needed. No Contacts access required. Data is stored on your device, not on a server. Cloud sync only via your private iCloud drive.

LincSphere (free and paid options)
A business not-a-CRM that helps you better organize & follow-up with your networking contacts, so as to turn them into productive relationships. Currently only available for iOS.

Pipedrive (paid options)
Manage leads and deals, track communications, automate and grow, insights and reports, privacy and security, mobile apps and integrations.

Streak (free and paid options)
CRM built into Gmail.

UpHabit (free and paid options)
Set reminders, add notes, create tags, timeline of relationships, pulls data from phone and email. You own your own data.

Personal Relationship Managers (PRM)

Closr (free for personal use)
A personal relationship management app for Android and iPhone. Provides integration with Slack. The app creates a relationship timeline for all of your contacts with notes, voice memos, calendar events, encounters, calls, mail and text messages.

Dex (free and paid options)
Comes with a Chrome extension for ease of use, Notes for each contact, and reminders to keep-in-touch with your contacts

fabriq (free)
Stay in touch and build better social habits.

folk (free and paid)

Keep My Friends (paid options)
A personal not-a-CRM that doesn’t access your personal email or your social media, doesn’t request your passwords or require you to sign-up to third party apps, and doesn’t sell or trade your personal information. Your conversations stay between you and your friends.

Monica (free and paid options)
Monica helps you organize the social interactions with your closest contacts.

appear.in (free and paid options)
This might be the easiest to use app for video meetings currently available.

Brosix Messenger (paid options)
Encrypted messenger for team collaboration. Includes features such as group and private chat, file transfer, screen-sharing, screen-shot, whiteboard and more.

Chalk (free)
Instant, secure voice rooms for chat.

Discord (free)
An invite-only place with plenty of room to talk. Encrypted. Chat via text, voice, or video. Public, private, or semi-private.

ezTalks (free and paid options)
Host audio/video meetings and webinars. Also offers affordable conference room solutions and video conferencing hardware.

Flock (free and paid options)
Group collaboration software and central messaging platform that includes third party integrations, video calling, and more. Cheaper than Slack and has more native features.

Franz (free and paid options)
A messaging app for desktop/laptop that combines multiple chat and messaging services into one application. Currently supports Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, GroupMe, Skype and many more. Available as a desktop app for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Gotalk (free and paid options)
Group video chat with no login or apps needed!

GroupMe (free)
Create and carry your group messages from one device to another, no app necessary. Owned by Skype (Microsoft).

Jitsi Meet (free)
Fully encrypted, 100% open source video conferencing solution that you can use all day, every day, for free — with no account needed. Share your desktop, presentations, and more. Invite users to a conference via a simple, custom URL. Edit documents together using Etherpad. Trade messages and emojis while you video conference, with integrated chat.

LINE (free and paid options)
Limited free international calls, free messaging. See the fine print for details on the free calls.

Loom (free)
Video messaging for most platforms (iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome)

Marco Polo (free and paid options)
Free, unlimited, and ad-free. One on one or group chats. Like video voicemail. You can only connect with people whose are in your phone’s contact list. Phone app; available for Android and iOS.

Nextiva (paid)
Send and receive secure electronic faxes from anywhere on any device.

Riot (free)
An open source, universal, end-to-end encrypted chat,. Exchange files, make voice or video calls and conferences, add bots. Own your own data.

Ripcord (free and paid options)
A desktop chat client for group-centric services like Slack and Discord with no tracking or analytics.

Rocket Chat (free and paid options)
Free audio and video conferencing, guest access, screen sharing, file sharing, LiveChat, LDAP Group Sync, two-factor authentication (2FA), E2E encryption, SSO, and dozens of OAuth providers.

Signal (free)
State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption keeps your conversations secure. We can’t read your messages or listen to your calls, and no one else can either. Privacy isn’t an optional mode — it’s just the way that Signal works. Every message, every call, every time.

Slack (free and paid options)
Stay on the same page and make decisions faster by bringing all of your work communication into one place.

Verified Call (free)
A platform that allows anyone to speak to customers and fans via a secure phone connection. Verified Call is easy to set up, safe to use, completely secure, and profitable from the very first call. Each person that uses it is given their own unique VerifiedCall.com URL and profile page in addition to the ability to integrate Verified Call’s technology within their own websites.

Viber (free)
Secure calls and messages to anyone, anywhere. Includes group messaging and chats.

Whereby (free and paid options)
Video meetings and conferences with screensharing. Really simple to use; no app or downloads needed — just use it in your browser.

Community Chat

Bunches (free)
Group chat software.

Discord (free)
Group chat software with personal servers, screen sharing, etc

Discourse (free)
Engage in searchable discussions with your customers, superfans, and team members. Create a self-service hub of common questions, interesting ideas, and useful discussion. Customize the style, integrate your favorite services, and create the community you need. Integrates with Patreon and Memberful.

Geneva Chat (free)
Group chat app designed for organized, ongoing conversations. Join or create a Home, set up Rooms for specific topics.

Gitter (free, open source)
A chat and networking platform that helps to manage, grow and connect communities through messaging, content and discovery.

Mattermost (free, paid)
Messaging platform for DevOps.

Openland (free)
Modern social network built for people, not advertisers

Palapa (paid)
Community software that allows long-term organized conversations, PLUS real-time ephemeral messaging. Somewhere between chat and a forum.

Rocket Chat (paid)
Chat software that allows you to communicate and collaborate with your team, share files, chat in real-time, or switch to video/audio conferencing, with multiple channels and private groups

Sense Chat
Chat software that is secure and encrypted, multi language, private and allows you to earn sense cryptocurrency.

Slack (free)
A channel-based messaging platform.

Best features of modern chat platforms and old-school forums and smashed them together into a format that makes it easy scale to any size

Telegram (free)
Encrypted messaging app that is customizable.

Twist (paid/free)
Advertised as Slack but better – no pressure to respond immediately, more organised, less distracting, transparency and collaboration are easier.

Whatsapp (free)
Messaging app that is simple and secure. Owned by Facebook.

Community building tool that integrates with your own website without configuration

Zulip (paid)
Chat for distributed teams that combines the immediacy of real-time chat with an email threading model

Community Platforms

Aluminati (paid)
A powerful suite of tools to engage and grow your membership networks, with an online platform, data sync, email service, and map app. Designed for universities, for students and alumni.

Brightest (paid)
Social Impact Platform for virtual events, community engagement, social impact management and measurement

Connective (paid)
A one stop platform for all your community and network needs from websites to communication to payments to mobile apps. And 2 integrated video conferencing tools. Communities can be public, semi-private or ultra-private and connected to create Ecosystems

Hivebrite (paid)
An online community platform that is customisable and modular.

Locals (% of supporters)
Subscription-based community platform.

Parlor (paid)
A Feedback Management System.

Sociohub (paid)
An online community platform, with tools for engagement and collaboration, content management, event management, communications management, gamification, membership and deals and offers management

Tchop (free)
Ready-to-use content, curation and chat platform

TokyWoky (paid)
All-in-one community platform for loyalty and advocacy and support services

Union (paid)
A network that connects startups and organizations around the globe on one digital platform.

Community Forums

A community platform with a deep suite of tools built with engagement, innovation and insights in mind, which connects you with customers for marketing and consumer insights, and experts for research

Circle (paid)
A community platform for creators where you can organize discussions, create private spaces, and empower interest groups. You can create community spaces for educational purposes, newsletters, podcasts, business as well as membership based communities

Comradery (request access)
Comradery is an online community platform that provides both threaded discussions & real-time chat! Fully customizable (+ put it on your own domain!) and built for communities: member directory, moderation tools, full API, events support, and more

Crowded (paid)
A platform that allows you to create your modular and powerful community-driven website

Crowdstack (paid)
Crowdstack is a modern, mobile-friendly engagement hub for your community. As a SaaS, there’s no coding, it just works. Easily collaborate and communicate with fans, volunteers, constituents, customers, employees, and influencers.

Discourse (paid)
Discourse is the 100% open source discussion platform that you can use as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more

Empact (contact)
Empact software introduces a new framework for digital communication, enabling groups of any size to aggregate a collective knowledge base, eliminate information silos, and problem solve at scale.

Flarum (free)
Forum software and hosting.

Forumbee (paid)
Forumbee is a cloud-based community and discussion forum-creation platform that supports social sharing, mobile moderation and a knowledge base

Group.App (free and paid options)
Community platform with features such as paid membership, private and public communities, ability to create & sell online courses, free and paid channels, public community pages, advanced analytics, email and in-app notifications, Stripe payment processing, and coming soon: mobile app and admin accounts

Haaartland (free)
A community platform with features such as free landing pages, simple website builder, helpful AI (in beta), free images, no coding, free customer widget,

A community platform with features such as a rich text editor, multiple channels, search engine friendly, single sign-on, private community, content moderation, white labeling, analytics, event management, and more coming soon

Higher Logic (contact)
SaaS-based online community & communications software with member engagement and communication, and customer support, success, and marketing

Influitive (paid)
Influitive allows you to build a community of advocates and invite your customers, developers, partners, and employees to complete challenges, referrals, product reviews, social media posts, and more.

InSided (contact)
An enterprise-level community platform that is cloud-based and gives you a complete set of applications to build, integrate, and manage branded customer communities across digital touch points and devices.

Invision Community (paid)
A digital product design platform with forums, ecommerce, CMS, file sharing, calendars, galleries, blogs, and clubs

Khoros (contact)
A global customer engagement software company that provides online community management, social media marketing, social media analytics, digital care, and content management software and services to enterprise brands and agencies.

Mesh Connect
Mesh is a platform for communities to build, moderate, and monetize. We’ve created tools for leaders to create sustainable communities with their most pressing problems in mind: money, safety, and security.

NodeBB (paid; free for open source)
A next-generation discussion platform that utilizes web sockets for instant interactions and real-time notifications. NodeBB forums have features out of the box such as social network integration and streaming discussions. It’s also an open source project and can be found on GitHub.

Open Social (contact)
A purpose-built online community software allows organizations to create online spaces where members can communicate, collaborate, connect and share expertise and experiences from anywhere in the world.

Personify (request a demo)
4 programs that include an association management system, vibrant digital spaces and collaboration tools, expo management software, and membership management for emerging nonprofits and chapters.

Playgroup (paid)
A cross between old school forums and modern communication apps, with features including widgets, pinned threads, mentions, search and more

PlushForums (paid)
Forum software with a perfectly integrated blog, private messaging, member directory, custom profiles, events, paid subscriptions and a polished set of forum features. All with absolutely no technical knowledge required and no plugins to install.

Reddit (free)
Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members.

TapaTalk (free and paid)
A mobile-first community platform that includes tapatalk groups – an end-to-end, fully managed community platform. With your online community on Tapatalk Groups, you get services such as Social Sign On, Spam Prevention, Questionable Content Detection, Ability to accept Member Donations, Automatic Newsletters, SEO and more, to help you to run a great, sustainable community. It works seamlessly on desktop, mobile web, and our award winning mobile native app for both iOS and Android.

Telligent (paid)
A flexible, online community and forums platform that can help transform customer and employee engagement, support, and web self-service.

Tribe (free and paid)
A powerful community platform, integrated into your product.

Una (free and paid)
UNA is a full-stack software platform for building custom community websites, social networks and collaboration hubs.

Vanilla Forums (request demo)
Vanilla is cloud based software (SaaS) that lets you create a customer community forum for your website or app

VBulletin (paid)
Community site software with the option to use on your own server or for hosting. With features such as SEO, messenger, user/member management, forums, threads, and more

Warmintro (paid)
Warmintro makes it easy for you to create, manage, and monetize your very own online community. We give your community a unique space which is like a private mini social network, where you control the content, members, and brand.

XenForo (paid)
XenForo is a commercial Internet forum software package written in the PHP programming language.

Zapnito (contact)
Software to easily launch your own branded community, with out-of-the-box and custom features. Plus flexible design, fast implementation, easy to use interface and personalised support

Zendesk Gather (paid)
An American customer service software


Hey Summit (paid)
tool for creating, managing, running, and analyzing your online events, summits, conferences, or talk-series

Hopin (paid)
virtual venue where you can host events of any type or size, sell event tickets, engage your attendees, analyze data from your events

OpenWater (paid) application and review cloud for awards, accreditations, abstracts, grants, scholarships, fellowships AND virtual conference platform with breakouts, live streaming, recordings, on-demand sessions, and speaker submissions.

Submittable (paid) submission management software – manage applications or submissions, organize team review, and report on what you’ve accomplished.

Tame (paid)
virtual and in-person event solutions

vFairs (paid)
virtual event software

community first online event platform – Create a hub. Invite your people. Sell access. Share pages, videos and livestreams. Have conversations.

Event Platforms

Product portfolio includes virtual environments, learning management, and webinars. Designed for marketing, sales, recruitment, training, and HR communications.

event ticketing and mobile fundraising.

Online scheduling assistant.

All-in-one platform to host virtual events

Enterprise software for your virtual conference and global event community.

Platform for cloud-based meetings and large interactive events that are simple, scalable and secure

Creator platform with membership options, live streaming and more

Platform for meetings and events of all sizes. We help organizations plan and market events, execute onsite, engage audiences and measure and analyze results.

Free Conference Call
Conferencing and Collaboration Tool.

Messaging platform for professional groups, networks and communities.

Online event platform

Virtual Event Platform

Event App & Virtual Event Platform

social video platform with small groups and rooms that shuffle

A personal social platform for you and your customers

Live, virtual event and networking platform

Run The World
Online and virtual events platform

online event platform with facebook and youtube integration, monetisation, green room, video chat mingling

Sinespace Breakroom
virtual events platform

platform for remote meetings, virtual events, webinars, conferences and more

end-to-end platform for streaming, engagement, sponsorship and networking

Spatial Chat
Online venue for social or business events; multiple rooms, screenshare, collaborations and more

live streaming platform with viewer interaction

auto-sync video playing for viewing while sharing webcams

Video Conferencing with no PINs and no downloads. Talk, video and screen share immediately. Transcribes your meetings. Custom hold music. Call in from a computer or a phone.

YouTube Live
live streaming platform with viewer interaction

virtual meeting and event platform

Live Streaming

BeLive.tv (paid)
Live streaming platform with simulcast to youtube and facebook live

Castr (paid)
Simplified live video streaming solution for businesses, broadcasters, gamers, educational and religious organizations.

Ecamm (paid)
all-in-one livestreaming production platform for Mac – use with Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and Twitch

Livestream (paid)
platform to livestream engaging virtual events, reach your remote workforce, and launch a subscription channel.

ManyCam (paid)
software to enhance your live video on streaming platform, video conferencing app and distant classes.

OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) (free / open source)
software for video recording and live streaming.

Restream (paid)
platform to stream live to 30+ social platforms at once.platform to stream live to 30+ social platforms at once.

StreamYard (paid)
live streaming studio in your browser. Interview guests, share your screen, and much more. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Switchboard Live (paid)
Platform for live streaming on all social channels at the same time

Wirecast (paid)
Live streaming studio software

XSplit Broadcaster (paid)
Professional live streaming (to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube) and recording studio.

Vimeo (paid)
Simple tools for you and your team to create, manage and share high-quality videos.

YouTube (free)
Video sharing platform


Crowdcast (paid)
Online events platform

Demio (paid) 
Simple, no-download webinar platform

EverWebinar (paid)
Platform to create pre-recorded webinars that look and feel live. Webinar software – prerecorded, screenshare, powerpoint presentation, etc

On24 (paid) 
Webinar software, content hubs, content landing pages

Ribbon (paid)
Automates virtual ticketing, event websites, and customer communication.

WebinarJam (paid)
Cloud-based broadcasting software

Webinar Ninja (paid)
All-In-One Webinar Software

DocuBank (paid options)
Very necessary. A service that provides immediate access to healthcare directives and emergency medical information — anywhere, anytime, 24/7/365, via phone, fax, and a sticker/card in your wallet.

Everplans (paid options)
A comprehensive digital vault to store all your essential life information. Bank-level security with the industry’s highest standards. Expert guidance, resources, planning tips, checklists and more. Upload and store as many documents as you need (up to 5gb). Unlimited sharing of your Everplan with as many deputies as you want.

MyLifeLocker (paid options)
This is a great idea, but really you should just make your own for free.

Park.io (paid options)
Domain name backordering.

Polr (free)
An open-source URL shortening application. It allows you to host your own URL shortener, to brand your URLs, and to gain control over your data.

Rebrandly (free and paid options)
Custom url shortening service.

YOURLS (free)
Your Own URL Shortener.

Marketing and Automation

ActiveCampaign (paid/free trial)
Email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools.

Aweber (free and paid options)
Powerfully-simple email marketing software for small businesses.

Constant Contact (paid/free trial)
Tools for email marketing, website building, online store product listing, social media awareness and google ads.

ConvertKit (paid and free options)
Tools to create a custom landing page, and email marketing.

Drip (paid/free trial)
Ecommerce CRM tool, marketing (email, sms), customer data.

Email on Acid (paid/free trial)
Email tool for marketing.

Hatchbuck (paid/free trial)
An all-in-one sales and marketing system.

Litmus (paid/free trial)
Email tool for marketing campaigns.

GetResponse (paid/free trial)
Marketing tools – ads, email, webinar, loading site.

Mad Mimi (paid options)
Very simple email tool for newsletters.

MailChimp (free and paid options)
Marketing platform and transactional email.

MailerLite (paid/free trial)
Tools for email marketing, surveys, landing pages, and pop ups.

MailMunch (free and paid options)
Lead capture and email marketing; forms, pop-ups, landing pages.

Mautic (free)
Marketing tool.

Moosend (free and paid options)
The All-in-One Marketing Platform: email marketing, landing pages, subscription forms, newsletter editor, ecommerce AI, data and analytics.

SendinBlue (free and paid options)
Marketing – email, sms, chat, inbox; CRM, transactional email; signup forms, landing pages, facebook ads, and retargeting tools.

Secure mailing list manager with re-mailing capability

Schleuder (free)
An encrypting mailing list manager with remailing-capabilities.

Just email newsletters, simple newsletters

Buttondown (free and paid options)
Newsletter tool with minimalist interface, automated editorial assistant, and portable subscription widget.

Substack (free)
Includes your own email list, a website for all your posts, community features, audio, video, images, GIFs, and more; control over what’s free and what’s only for your paying subscribers.

Tinyletter (free)
Simpler free version of Mailchimp, uses your own email client.

Add ons for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail (free and paid options)
Provides many different options for Gmail accounts such as Send Later, Response Tracking, Read Receipts, Click Tracking, and more. Available on iPhone and Android.

Flow-e (free and paid options)
A visualization layer on top of your original Gmail or Outlook inbox that turns your email into a Kanban-like environment. Integrates your email threads with to-do lists/task management with due date reminders, provides the ability to delegate email/work to others on your time, and turns your daily schedule into a timeline.

Followup for Email (paid options)
Allows you to schedule follow-up reminders for individual emails in Gmail, as well as on specific webpages, online conversations, and on social media profiles.

GMass (free and paid options)
Mass mailer through Gmail.

MixMax (paid options)
Know exactly who opens your email, how often, and the content they viewed. Perfectly time your calls, email, SMS, and social messages based on recipient activity. Craft the perfect message using social & CRM insights about the person you’re emailing from a handy sidebar. Using email templates, include link previews, a phone dialer that automatically logs calls in your CRM, and embedded polls and surveys. Add your calendar availability to email, and book meetings with one-click.

Yet Another Mail Merge (free and paid options)
Put your contacts in a Google Sheet, create your message in Gmail, send your campaign with YAMM.


BombBomb (paid options)
Video email.

codedmails (free and paid options)
Responsive HTML email templates and themes.

Criptext (free)
End-to-end encryption, uses Signal protocol, no cloud storage of your email or data, open source; unsend emails, real-time tracking. Can only be used on one device per email address.

Email Hunter (free and paid options)
Finds email addresses for your targeted audience.

Front (paid options)
A customer communication platform that combines emails, apps, and teammates into a single view.

Mailbutler (free and paid options)
Productivity suite for Gmail, G Suite, and Apple Mail. Includes features such as Tracking, Send Later, Signatures, Message Templates, Follow-Up, Notes & Tasks, Snooze, BCC to CRM, and Contacts.

Skrapp (free and paid options)
Finds email addresses for your targeted audience and puts them in a csv for you.

WiseStamp (free and paid options)
Email signature creator.

Event Engagement

Airtime (free)
An app to watch content and videochat in real time.

Community phone number – It’s the ability to pair the simplicity of a text message with the scale of a social network.

Connect Club (free)

Donut (paid)
(Slack tool) Communication tool for Slack.

(Slack tool) email digest of highlights for Slack.

all-in-one community management platform that helps you grow, engage, and monetize your online community.

Reciprocity unlocks the untapped potential that exists between members of your private community by intelligently matching Asks and Offers for advice, connections and resources. Make your group the place people go when they know Google won’t be enough.

(Slack tool) connects slack team members based on interests.

Tool for virtual meetings.

Engage and monetize your community.

Event Management

Aventri (paid)
An event engagement platform that allows you to create and manage registration, build an event website, create email marketing campaigns and retargeting, gain strategic insights, and more all in one place.

A platform to connect speakers and organisers and simplify the communication process.

Eventbrite (free/paid)
A ticketing platform that gives you an event listing page with built-in payment processing, analytics, and support.

Localist (paid)
An event platform that manages all of your community events with dedicated landing pages, automated social media posts and emails, and integration with video streaming services like Zoom and GoToWebinar.

Luma (Free / % of membership)
Event manager for Zoom events, that allows you to create event pages, sell tickets and accept tips, and manage attendance and analytics

Mixily (Free / % of tickets)
A bundle of event management tools including contact lists, date polls, other platform integration including Zoom and your own website, recurring events, virtual lobby, ticket sales and more

Sched (paid)
A flexible schedule manager with simple content management, branded mobile apps, personalised attendee experience, attendance management, tools for speakers, and reports.

Splash (paid and free)
Event marketing platform.

Swoogo (paid)
A platform with a site builder, a virtual venue, free integrations, unlimited conditional logic for data collection, and sponsor pages

Tito (paid)
A faster, more flexible platform for selling tickets online with a powerful dashboard, event pages, a widget for your own website, and a check-in tool for attendance management


Progressive Clock (free)
In order to include a diverse selection of opinions, use this this tool to track how much speaking time each demographic is given. The default categories of Female, Male, White, Person of Color can be edited and other categories can be added.

Anonymous File Upload (free)
Upload your files anonymously and free on AnonFiles. 20 GB filesize limit and unlimited bandwidth.

Bulk Rename Utility (free and licensing options)
A Windows application that does exactly what it says it does. Its long list of features includes renaming photos via EXIF data, renaming MP3 files using ID3 tags, renaming files and folders, and much, much more.

Coda (free)
Is it a document or is it an app? It’s a document that behaves like an app that you can customize to fulfill your needs. Much more simple than Airtable and easier to use. Templates are available for project management, sales & marketing, HR, event planning, personal, productivity, design & products, health & self-improvement, education, and more. Available on Android and iOS.

Cryptee (free and paid options)
A private and encrypted place to write personal documents, notes or journals, and store your photos & other files.

file.io (free)
Ephemeral file sharing. Convenient, anonymous and secure.

ente.io (paid)
Encrypted backups for photos and videos with a focus on security and privacy.

EteSync (paid)
Secure, end-to-end encrypted, and privacy-respecting sync for your contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes.

HelloSign (free and paid options)
Secure and legally binding electronic document signing. By Dropbox.

IrfanView Graphic Viewer (free for non-commercial use)
You could use another file viewing program for Windows, but why would you? This classic is frequently kept up to date and is simply the best. It’s always handled graphics, but it now manages video and audio files, too!

PDFfiller (paid options)
Create and edit PDFs online: convert and compress, split and merge, convert from pdf, convert to pdf; host forms online; eSign; and your data is protected with US federal and EU compliance standards.

PDF-XChange Editor (one time licensing fee)
The smallest, fastest and most feature-rich free PDF viewer/editor on the market.

Proof of Existence (free)
The original Blockchain notary service, offering instant, anonymous, distributed, and secure proof of existence for any document, agreement, or contract.

Rclone (free)
Syncs your files to cloud storage with preserved time stamps, checks for missing files and newer files versions, can do one-way syncs.

Vertex24 (free)
So many templates for Microsoft Word and Excel, Open Office, and even Google Sheets. Templates for budgets, business, calendars, data analysis, debt payoff, education, financial calculators, financial statements, flyers, health charts and logs, home and family, inventory, invoices, letters, lists and to-dos and checklists, project management, resumes, schedules, timelines, and so much more.

A Variable Fonts Primer (free resource guide)
Variable fonts let you add nuance and artistry to your web typography without bogging down your site. Learn all about them and how to use them via this resource guide.

Adobe Fonts (free)
Font resource with personal and premium license – requires Creative Cloud subscription.

Brand New Roman (free)
The most corporate Corporate Font ever created.

Calligraphr (free and paid options)
Tool for creating your own font from your handwriting.

Creative Market (free and paid options)
A marketplace of fonts, templates, graphics, and more.

FontBase (free)
Font manager which covers all font related tasks including installation, basic usage, font activation, and collections.

FontSpace (free)
Database of free fonts.

Font Bundles (free and paid options)
Font webstore.

Fonts in Use (free)
An independent archive of typography.

Public Sans (free)
A strong, neutral typeface for interfaces, text, and headings.

SkyFonts (paid, only – store)
Font webstore.

Type.lol Foundry Index (free resource guide)
Index of digital typographies (fonts).

Forms.id (free)
Secure form creation and hosting.

Involve.me (free and paid options)
All the tools you need for creating stunning interactive content to increase user engagement, get better data and grow online sales.

JotForm (free and paid options)
Easy-to-use online form builder for every business.

TypeForm (paid)
People-friendly forms and surveys.

Donorbox (free for organizations receiving less than $1,000 per month in donations)
This is a powerful fundraising software that is super simple to set up and attracts more recurring donors with donation plans that can be managed by the donors themselves. Payments can be accepted via credit cards, ApplePay, Google Pay, PayPal, and low fee ACH bank transfers. It integrates as a WordPress plugin, a Squarespace and Wix form, a Weebly app, an API DOC with Zapier, and with Joomla.

Crisis Toolkit (free)
An assortment of resources that may provide perspective, comfort, and/or tools that could be of assistance to people experiencing various sorts of tough times.

DareBee (free)
An independent global fitness resource.

Flaredown (free)
An app for tracking your symptoms, triggers, and treatments, including the ability to track food, medications, natural treatments, mental health, weather, physical activity, and anything else you want.

Mindly (free)
New groundbreaking system to keep you organized and focused.

PainTrain (paid)
Customized pain management system.

Psych Ward Reviews (free)
Dedicated to hosting submitted reviews of psychiatric hospitals, programs, and facilities.

Thrive (free)
The Thrive Hearing Control app gives the user full control over their hearing aids using their smartphone.

You Feel Like Shit (free)
When self-care seems difficult, this web-based game guides you through making it easier.

Stuff (free)
Invitations with RSVPs to private and public events that easily work with a mobile interface. Sends invites via email, text message or any platform you prefer.

HARO (Help A Reporter) (free and paid options)
HARO connects journalists seeking expertise to include in their content with sources who have that expertise.

Public Insight Network (free)
Connections sources with journalists at the largest station-based public radio organization in the U.S., combining multi-regional station operations, national content creation and distribution in one organization.

Platform to connect journalists with sources.

Alison (free)
Free online courses from the world’s leading experts.

Anki (free)
Download this program to create your own flashcards for studying. Supports images, audio, videos and scientific markup.

Canvas Network (free and paid options)
Open, online courses, taught by experts and institutions worldwide.

Coach.me (free and paid options)
Their habit tracker app is free. To hire a habit coach or receive ongoing leadership coaching, there are paid plans. You can hire a 1-on-1 coach for just about anything here, including mindfulness, productivity, fitness, saving money, diets, writing, addiction, and much more.

Codecademy (paid monthly subscription)
Learn to code just about anything from web development to data science, using a variety of languages, all without setting foot in a classroom. It’s much, much cheaper than online classes through training programs and schools, too.

Coursera (free and paid options)
Free learning resources from universities and for college students.

duoLingo (free and paid options)
Learn 30+ languages via games on your Android, iOS, or Windows devices. Paid option removes ads.

edX (free)
2500+ online courses from 140 institutions.

FutureLearn (free and paid options)
Learn 100% online with world-class universities and industry experts.

Highbrow (paid)
Learn something new every day. Get smarter with 10-day courses delivered in easy-to-digest emails every morning.

iversity (free and paid options)
Database of online courses.

Khan Academy (free)
Free resources to keep everyone learning

Lynda (LinkedIn Learning) (paid)
Courses for every step of your career. Instructors with real-world experience.

MIT OpenCourseWare (free)
Free lecture notes, exams, and videos from MIT. No registration required.

OpenClassrooms (free)
Choose your own career path and earn a diploma online with hands-on projects and weekly one-on-one mentorship sessions with a dedicated professional in your field.

openHPI (free)
General education in digital knowledge.

OpenLearning (paid)
World-class courses from educators and institutions in a practical and social learning environment.

OpenSAP (free)
Open online courses by SAP. With complementary microlearning and podcasts.

Open Universities Australia (paid)
Online university.

Peer to Peer University (free)
Learning circles are free study groups for people who want to take online classes together and in-person.

Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN) (free)
Online health training courses and certifications.

Shaw Academy (paid)
Online video classes with in-depth and practical skills.

Skill Share (paid)
Subscription access database to classes by experts for professionals.

Stanford Online (free and paid options)
85+ online graduate courses that can help you move up in your industry, gain technical skills, enter a new field, or prepare for advanced study.

Udacity (paid/scholarships)
Udacity is the world’s fastest, most efficient way to master the skills tech companies want. 100% online, part-time and self-paced.

Udemy (paid)
30,000 online video courses with new additions published every month.

Docracy (free)
Database of public legal documents.

DocuSign (free and paid options)
A suite of applications and integrations for automating and connecting the entire agreement process, including e-signature, contract lifecycle management, document generation and negotiation, and contract analysis.

Law Depot (free)
Database of free legal documents.

LegalZoom (paid)
LegalZoom provides the legal solutions you need to start a business, run a business, file a trademark application, make a will, create a living trust, file bankruptcy, change your name, and handle a variety of other common legal matters for small businesses and families.

Rocket Lawyer (paid)
Legal services at prices you can afford. Become a Premium member and get: instant access to our entire library of legal documents, Document Defense® protection on all your contracts, secure cloud storage— Edit, download and print anytime, quick legal advice from our On Call lawyer network, free 30-minute consultations on each new matter, reduced rates for your incorporation.

Trademarkia (paid)
World’s Largest Search Engine For Trademarks + application services.

3D Design and Modeling, Animation

Fusion Studio (one time license fee)
Avoid Adobe and try this GPU accelerated 2D and 3D compositing and motion graphics software with a massive toolset and node based workflow. You get paint, rotoscope, titling, animation, keying, 3D particle systems, advanced keyframe animation, unlimited distributed network rendering, 3D models and scenes support, and more.

Vectary (paid options)
Online 3D design and modeling, and augmented reality software.

Audio and Video Production

Animoto (free and paid options)
Drag and drop, templates, access to stock media and music library. iOS and web.

Audacity (free)
Free, open source, cross-platform audio software. Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.

AudioMulch (paid)
AudioMulch is software for live performance, audio processing, sound design and music composition.

Auphonic (free and paid options)
Post production for anything you create that has audio.

Bonjoro (paid)
Integrates with your existing apps to create goal-based campaigns based on specific parts of your customer funnel. The moment you get a new lead, signup, subscriber, or customer, Bonjoro adds them to your to-do list and notifies you, then helps you create a custom video for each action.

DaVinci Resolve Studio (one time licensing fee)
This is the world’s only solution that combines professional 8K editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post production all in one software tool. You can instantly move between editing, color, effects, and audio with a single click. DaVinci Resolve Studio is also the only solution designed for multi user collaboration so editors, assistants, colorists, VFX artists and sound designers can all work live on the same project at the same time.

Descript (free and paid options)
Record. Transcribe. Edit. Mix. For videos, audio, and more.

Gloss (free)
Masters your audio recordings using AI. Web.

HandBrake (free)
A highly-rated open source video transcoder, which means it’s a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Headliner (free and paid options)
Turns your audio into video. Provides transcripts.Save and export in multiple sizes. Add all types of media. Has a text animation maker. Web.

InShot (free and paid options)
HD Video Editor and Video Maker with all features, trim & cut video/movie, blur background and no crop, add music, transition effects, text and emoji and filters. Android and iOS.

IntroChamp (paid options)
Supplies templates for you to create high quality, easy to make intro videos. Web.

LifeLapse (free and paid options)
Creates stop motion videos from your content.

My Simple Show (free and paid options)
Makes “explainer” videos by providing a structure to follow for your script and then turns your script into an illustrated video.

Powtoon (free and paid options)
Create videos and presentations on a web platform that provides access to multiple integrations, extensions, and templates

OpenShot Video Editor (free)
Open source video editor for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Unlimited layers and tracks, title editor, drag and drop to edit, trim and slice, video effects, 3D animations, animation and keyframes, audio waveforms, slow motion and time effects; all in a simple user interface and support for 70+ languages.

Unscreen (free and paid options)
Removes the background out of completed videos (not livestreams).

Vyond (paid options)
Online animation software. Web.

wave.video (free and paid options)
Video editor, video hosting, content calendar, video landing pages, stock video and images, voiceover recording, social media templates. Web.

Zencastr (free and paid options)
Use their website to record your remote interviews in studio quality. Includes separate tracks for each guest, soundboard for live editing, automatic post-production, built-in VoIP.

Avatar Creation

Bitmoji (free)
Your personal emoji.

Diversity Avatars (free and paid options)
High-quality diverse avatars.

Genies (must request access)
Avatar creator for selling digital products on your website w/ access to celebrities

Collaborative Media Creation

Kapwing (free and paid options)
A collaborative platform for creating images, videos, and GIFs.

Color Tools

Design Seeds (free)
Color palette ideas.

Colors.lol (free)
Overly descriptive color palettes.


FastCharts.io (free)
Enter your data via CSV format and this web app quickly renders the data into beautiful and easily customizable charts which can be saved as PNG and SVG.

Hubspot Templates for Infographics (free)
15 free infographic templates in Powerpoint (+ 5 bonus Illustrator templates).

Piktochart (paid options)
Infographic, presentation, and print templates with a drag and drop editor for customization.

slidequest (paid options)
Templates for pitch decks, infographics, icons, and more.

Time Graphics (free and paid options)
Online timeline maker.

Venngage (free for students and paid options)
Tool to make infographics.

Word Search Maker (free)
Provide between 10-24 words to be added to a word search, which is then available online as well as for print.


AppLaunchPad (free and paid options)
Mockup generator and screenshot builder.

Adazing (free)
Free ebook cover creator.

eCoverAuthority (paid options)
Create stunning 3D cover graphics in just a few clicks without photoshop or any bulky software.

Placeit (paid options)
Make unlimited mockups, designs, logos and videos.


Brain.fm (paid)
Functional music to improve focus in 15 minutes.

cchound (free)
Copyright-free (Creative Commons) music for content creators.

Facebook Sound Collection (free)
Collection of free music and sound effects.

YouTube Audio Library (free)
Free music and sound effects library.

Photo and Graphic Editing

Afterlight (free)
Photo Editor for Apple devices.

Background Burner (free)
The Background Burner quickly removes the background from any image or photo.

BeFunky (free and paid options)
BeFunky’s all-in-one online Creative Platform has everything you need to easily edit photos, create graphic designs, and make photo collages.

Canva (free and paid options)
Everyone can create professional designs with Canva. It’s easy to use and free.

Cool Backgrounds (free)
Cool Backgrounds is a collection of tools to create compelling, colorful images for blogs, social media, and websites. Beyond backgrounds, the images generated can be used as desktop wallpapers or cropped for mobile wallpapers.

Crello (free and paid options)
The easiest online design tool to create animations and graphics for social and web. Create like a pro. No design skills needed.

Desygner (paid options)
Creates and stores your graphic designs. Four cents per month more than Canva.

digiKam (free)
A simple and easy to use tool for Windows, Linux, and Mac to import photos, raw files, and videos; organize your library; browse and view items in the library; process and edit raw files and photos; and share and publish photos.

Easill (free and paid options)
Easill is the drag-and-drop design tool that empowers your whole team to create visual content so good, it looks like a pro designed it.

Hipstamatic (free and paid options)
Retro camera app for iPhone.

Inkscape (free)
Open source vector graphics editor for Linux, Windows and macOS.

Let’s Enhance (paid)
Powerful AI to increase image resolution without quality loss. 100% automatic and fast.

Live Collage (free)
Collage maker and photo editor app for Android.

Over (free and paid options)
Create professional ads, branded content, and stunning stories in minutes. Now available on desktop and mobile.

Overgram (free and paid options)
Add text to your photos and share them to Instagram.

Paste (free and paid options)
Make and share slides.

Phonto (free)
Phonto is a free app that allows you to add text to photos.

Photopea (free)
Web-based advanced image editor that supports PSD, XCF, Sketch, XD, and CRD formats. Save your files as PSD, JPG, PNG, or SVG.

PicMonkey (paid options)
Create scroll-stopping images for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more. Ads, logos? Those, too.

PicPlayPost (free and paid options)
Photo & video collage editor & maker, photo & video slideshow maker & editor, photo video editor & maker with videos, gifs, photos and music.

PicsArt (free)
Editing tools, photo editor, collage maker, sticker maker, and so much more.

Pic Stitch (free and paid options)
Photo and video collage app for Apple products.

PixelMe (free)
Convert your photo into pixel art.

Pixlr (free and paid options)
Online photo editor, like a beginner’s Photoshop.

Prisma (free and paid options)
Two apps for photo editing (one only available on Apple).

Remove Background from Image – remove.bg (free)
Removes backgrounds from photos.

Resizing (free)
Browser based image resizing tool.

Ripl (free and paid options)
Creates branded videos and images in minutes, then instantly post to all your social media accounts at once; includes analytics.

Snappa (free and paid options)
Whip up graphics for social media, ads, blogs, and more—even if you’re not a graphic designer.

Snapseed (free)
Photo editing app.

Social Media Image Maker by Autre planète (free)
A website app that resizes and retouches your images for 15+ platforms and their various user image options.

SocialSizes.io (free)
Templates of all the social media image and video sizes.

Stencil (free and paid options)
Easy-to-use graphic design tool specifically for social media graphics.

Storyboarder (free)
Storyboarder makes it easy to visualize a story as fast you can draw stick figures.

Typorama (free and paid options)
Typorama lets you create amazing visuals by “automagically” transforming your text and photos into beautiful typographic designs.

VSCO (free and paid options)
Photo and video editing tools.

WordFoto (paid)
An app that turns your photos and words into amazing typographic works of art.

Word Swag (paid)
Word Swag magically turns your words into beautiful photo text designs!


Acast (free and paid options)
Simple, smart podcast hosting and monetization for all creators. Advertising options and podcast database

AnchorFM (free)
The easiest way to make a podcast. Everything you need, 100% free.

Premium Beat (paid options)
Exclusive music library. Stress-free licensing.

Reaper (paid)
Digital audio workstation.

SoundUpNow (free and paid options)
The all-in-one audio platform. Podcasts, Alexa, Flash Briefings & Skills made EASY

Screen Recording and Screen Shots

Camtasia (paid)
All-In-One screen recorder and video editor.

Filmora (free and paid options)
Video editing solutions.

Fireshot (paid)
Web page screenshots and annotations in your favorite browser with FireShot.

Loom (free and paid options)
Screen recording made easy. And free.

Screenly (paid)
Transform your screens into powerful digital signs.

Screencastify (free and paid options)
Screencastify to record, edit, and share videos.

Screencast-o-Matic (free and paid options)
Our video creation tools help you create and communicate through video. Simple and intuitive tools to get the job done easily.

ScreenFlow (paid)
Video editing and screen recording.

Scrola (free)
Takes full page screenshots of webpages. Screenshots can be exported as static images, or scrolling videos. No downloads or extensions, web only.

Snagit (one time licensing fee)
Screen capture and recording software that lets you quickly capture a process, add your explanation, and create visual instructions.

Youtube Screenshot (free)
Screenshots from YouTube Video.

Stock Photography, Art, and Icons

700+ CSS Icons (free)
Customizable, accessible, retina-ready.

Absurd Design (free with linkback)
Surrealist, human-created illustrations with transparent backgrounds, free for commercial and personal projects.

Artvee (free)
Browse and download high-resolution, public domain artworks.

Barnimages (free and licensing options)
A free stock photo collection. The name is deceiving; no barns are included in the stock galleries, but plenty of other images are available. New photos are added weekly.

Black Illustrations (free and licensing options)
Illustrations of Black folks for your media and marketing.

Body Liberation Stock Photos (paid)
Stock photos and images for body size diversity and acceptance.

CreateHER Stock (paid and freebies)
Your destination for authentic stock images featuring melanated women.

Creative Commons Search (free)
Search for media you can reuse, some of which can be modified.

Creative Market (paid and freebies every week)
Webstore for fonts, graphics, templates and more.

Death To Stock Photos (paid)
An Artist Owned Co-op that provides you with the freshest authentic stock photos and videos; with unlimited downloads and new work added every month.

Disabled and Here (free)
Disabled And Here is a photo and interview series celebrating disabled Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC).

Disability Collection, The (paid)
A growing collection of stock images that break stereotypes and authentically portray people with disabilities in everyday life.

Feather (free)
Simply beautiful open source icons.

Flaticon (free and paid options)
The largest database of free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats.

freepik (free and paid options)
Free vectors, photos, and PSD downloads for multiple uses.

FreeImages (free)
Royalty-free photos by subject, photographer, or even camera—all free for personal and commercial use.

FreePhotobank (free with linkback)
FreePhotoBank is a free stock photo site. Feel free to download pictures (up to 2048 pixels, Creative Commons licence) but don’t forget to link back to FreePhotoBank.

FreeStocks.org (free)
Free stock photos – feel free to use them both in personal and commercial projects.

Gratisography (free)
Free use-as-you-please pictures that stand out.

Haute Stock (paid)
A stock photo library that includes thousands of high-quality images, social media graphics, editable templates, design assets, and social media prompts.

Iconduck (free)
100,000+ free open source icons & illustrations.

Icofont (free)
2100+ free icons for you to use in any of your designs.

Iconic (free)
Pixel-perfect icons.

Iconfinder (paid)
World’s largest marketplace for icons.

Icon Ninja (free)
Free icon database with free online tool to generate css sprites.

Icons8 (free and paid options)
Free icons, photos, vectors, music, and tools.

Ikonate (free)
Fully customizable and accessible open source vector icons.

illustrations (free)
Open source illustration kit.

Kaboompics (free)
Free stock photography and colour palettes.

Life of Pix (free)
Free high resolution photography.

Nappy (free)
Beautiful, high-res photos of black and brown people.

New Old Stock (free)
Vintage photos from the public archives.

Noun Project (free and paid options)
Icons and photos for everything.

Morguefile (free)
Morguefile is a free photo archive “for creatives, by creatives.”

Open Peeps (free)
A hand-drawn illustration library.

Pattern Generator (free)
Creates seamless, royalty-free patterns.

Pexels (free)
Stock photos and videos.

Picjumbo (free and paid)
Download free stock photos, backgrounds and free high-resolution images for personal and commercial use.

PicNoi (free and paid)
Free stock photos for a colorful world.

PikWizard (free and paid)
Mostly free images and royalty free stock photos for personal and commercial use. Paid plan provides access to their photo editing tool, Design Wizard.

Pixabay (free)
Stunning free images & royalty free stock photos.

PhotoPin (free)
Free photos for bloggers and creatives!

Pure CSS Stripes Generator (free)
No flash, no image, only css!

Reshot (free)
Handpicked, non-stocky images. Yours to use as you wish.

ShotStash (free)
Free stock photos for creative professionals.

Skitterphoto (free)
A place to find, show and share public domain photos.

Stockio (free)
Free photos, vectors, icons, fonts and videos. Thousands of files for personal and commercial use.

Stocksnap.io (free)
Beautiful free stock photos.

Styled Stock (free)
Beautiful free styled images for your projects.

SVG Repo (free)
Free SVG vectors and icons.

Tabler Icons (free)
550+ highly customizable free SVG icons.

Unsplash (free)
The internet’s source of freely-usable images.

Vecteezy (free and paid)
Free vector art, stock photos & videos.

Vector.me (free)
Free vectors and illustrations to download. +79,472 vector art in AI, SVG, EPS and CDR.

Vector4Free (free)
Free vector graphics for everyone.

WOCinTechChat (free)
Stock images of Women of Colour in tech.

Watch Videos Together Online

Puffer (free)
Stream live TV in your browser. There’s no charge. You can watch U.S. TV stations affiliated with the NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, Fox, and CW networks.

Rave Watch Party (free)
Disney Plus, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc.

twoseven (free)
YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Plus, Crunchyroll, Apple TV, HBO Max, Vimeo, etc.

Inspiration (paid options)
Capture ideas, structure thoughts and visually communicate concepts to strengthen understanding with the Diagram and Map Views. To take notes, organize information and structure writing plans for papers and reports, use the integrated Outline View to clarify thinking in written form. Finally, you can effortlessly transfer your diagrams and outlines to Word, PowerPoint, PDF or as a graphics file. For Windows desktop and iOS mobile.

MindMup (free and paid options)
Brainstorm, create presentations and document outlines with mind maps, and publish your ideas online and to social networks. Available only as an online web app.

MindNode (free and paid options)
Capture your thoughts and create a clear picture of your idea. For Mac and iOS.

Answer The Public (free and paid options)
Provides reports of the top questions and queries people are searching for in Google.

fraidycat (free)
Continuously creates a summary of the recent activity on the accounts you follow; results available by browser extension and standalone apps for your laptop/desktop (no mobile support).

Mailbrew (free)
Creates a summary of all the topics you’re interested across multiple platforms; results available by daily email.

Refind (free)
Daily email with 10 most popular links relevant to your interests.

Signum (paid)
Emails you twice monthly with an analysis of over 300,000 blogs, forums, portals and social media accounts to keep track of the emergence of new trends at the earliest stages.

CryptPad (free and paid options)
Open source, zero knowledge, encrypted, collaborative real-time text editing. Applications include: CryptDrive, Rich text, Code, Presentation, Poll, Kanban, Whiteboard, Todo, Sheet (in beta as of June 2019). Free users can access all the applications.

Dendron (free)
This is an open-source, local-first, markdown-based, note-taking tool built on top of VSCode. Like most such tools, Dendron supports all the usual features you would expect like tagging, backlinks, a graph view, split panes, and so forth.

Etherpad (free)
Highly customizable Open Source online editor providing collaborative editing in real-time.

Evernote (free and paid options)
Note organization tool with document scanning, web clipper, sync between devices, app integration, and more.

Joplin (free and paid options)
Open source note-taking app. Capture your thoughts and securely access them from any device

Keynote NF (free)
Tabbed notebook with RichText editor, multi-level notes and strong encryption.

Notepad++ (free)
Notepad++ is a free source code editor and tabbed Notepad replacement that supports several languages.

Notezilla (free and paid options)
A sticky notes app for Windows. It lets you create digital sticky notes (like 3M Post-It® Notes) on your Windows desktop, set reminders to them, organize them in folders & also access them from your smartphone such as iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Phone, Nokia, Blackberry etc.

OmniFocus (paid/free trial)
OmniFocus is powerful task management software for busy professionals. For Mac.

Outline (free)
A free service for reading and annotating articles without distractions.

Roam (paid options)
A note-taking tool for networked thought. As easy to use as a document. As powerful as a graph database. Roam helps you organize your research for the long haul.

Zoho Note Taking (free)
Truly the best looking app for notetaking, but also the most versatile. Allows notes to be text, checklists, audio, photos, files, and sketches.

CamCard (free)
Scan, manage, sync and exchange business cards. Android, iOS, web.

CamScanner (free and paid options)
Scan documents with your phone; creates OCR; image editing; customizable watermark; easy to share documents. Android and iOS.

Discogs (free)
Track and organize your CDs, records, and cassettes. Includes a marketplace to sell, trade, and buy items. Web.

Encircle (free)
Quickly and accurately document the contents within your home. Android and iOS.

LibraryThing (free and paid options)
Track and organize your media: books, zines, CDs, records, DVDs, and much more. Web-based, but has apps.

Memento (paid options)
Track and organize anything with the extremely customizable database for Android & Desktop.

Sortly (free and paid options)
A simple yet powerful way to accurately document everything you have at home, in storage, or across multiple properties. Web, Android, iOS.

99 Designs (prices vary)
Connect with and hire graphic designers for projects ranging from logos to clothing and everything in between.

Acadium (prices vary)
Hire an apprentice.

Etsy (prices vary)
Digital marketplace focused on small businesses, artists and creators.

Fiverr (prices vary)
Advertise your skills as a freelancer in their ‘marketplace’ or find a freelancer to hire.

Upwork (prices vary)
Hire proven pros with confidence using the world’s largest, remote talent platform.

Cash App by Square (fees)
Send and receive money with anyone; donate to an important cause; or tip professionals.

Shop App (free, requires Shopify)
Shop Pay is an accelerated checkout that lets customers save their email address, credit card, and shipping and billing information so that they can complete their transaction faster the next time they are directed to the Shopify checkout.

Shopify Payments (free, requires Shopify)
Accept credit cards and other popular payment methods with a payment provider that’s ready to go when you are. For Shopify.

Skrill (free with ads)
The online wallet for money movers and makers.

Square (hardware costs and fees)
Tools to run your business – sell online and in person, shipping or offer pick up, touch free ways to take payments, promote your business, loans, payroll and cash flow tools.

Stripe (fees)
Payment infrastructure for your web

TransferWise (fees)
A cheaper, faster way to send money abroad.

Zelle (free)
Zelle is a fast and free way to send money to friends and family.

Freeze Your Credit Reports


Opt out of Advertising


Opt out of Catalogs and Coupons


Opt out of Unsolicited Credit and Insurance Offers


Password Management

Passbolt (free)
Free, open source, self-hosted, extensible, OpenPGP based; cloud or device-based.


Abine Blur (free and paid options)
Security for passwords, payments, and privacy.

Account Killer (free)
Provides tutorials, links, and automatic unsubscribing for hundreds of different services with hard-to-close accounts.

Anonymouse (free and paid)
Web-based. Visit websites anonymously to protect your privacy and data. I’ve been using them since the 1990s! Offers a free portal and a paid portal, as well as a VPN, and a free portal to send anonymous email.

Crypto Party (free resource)
CryptoParty is a decentralized movement with events happening all over the world. The goal is to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in the digital space. This can include encrypted communication, preventing being tracked while browsing the web, and general security advice regarding computers and smartphones.

Dark Patterns (free resource)
Dark Patterns are tricks used in websites and apps that make you do things that you didn’t mean to, like buying or signing up for something. The purpose of this site is to spread awareness and to shame companies that use them.

Delete Me (paid)
Removes your personal information from data brokers on the internet.

Disconnect (free and paid)
Free tracking protection for your desktop and mobile browsers. One time payment accounts receive full tracking protection on mobile devices and yearly paid accounts receive full tracking protection and VPN service.

EFF: Privacy (free resource)

Frontpage – Terms of Service; Didn’t Read (free resource)

HiddenVM (free)
Use any desktop OS without leaving a trace.

HTTPS Everywhere (free)

Krebs on Security (free resource)

One Time Dead Drop (free)
Need to send some data securely? Password? Love Note? Haiku? This is the place.

One Time Secret (free)
Paste a password, secret message or private link below. Keep sensitive info out of your email and chat logs.Using a link means the recipient can only access the info once; using a password means the recipient can access it multiple times.

Psiphon (free)
Uncensored internet access for Windows and Mobile.

Simple Opt Out (free)
This site makes it easier to opt out of data sharing by 50+ companies and provides suggestions for how to opt-out with other companies.

UBlock Origin (free)


Usable Privacy  (free resource)

VPN via riseup.net (donationware)

Clockify (free)
Completely free time-tracking software for individuals and teams.

Exist (paid)
Track everything together in one place to understand your behavior.

FocusMe (paid)
A powerful anti-distraction app that blocks other apps and websites so you can force yourself to focus. Uses a Pomodoro timer to separate chunks of time.

freedom (paid)
App and website blocker to reclaim productivity for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome.

Harvest (free and paid options)
Track multiple tasks within a project, even if each task is billed at a different rate.

RescueTime (free and paid options)
Tracks your web use habits so you can see how much time you really spend on each site and page. Paid plan comes with a website blocker to maximize productivity.

Timer (free)
Simple one-page timer.

Timely (paid options)
Uses AI to make a complete record of your time, from projects to teams without the hassle of manual timers and note taking.

Toggl (free and paid options)
Three tools: time tracking, project management, and candidate screening.

Blue Griffon (free and paid options)
Highly touted (for a good reason) HTML and EPUB editing software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Standalone apps, WYSIWYG editors.

Isuuu (free and paid options)
Digital publishing platform for online magazines, catalogs, books, and more.

Scribus (free)
Open source desktop publishing (a page layout program) for Linux, FreeBSD, PC-BSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, OpenIndiana, Debian GNU/Hurd, Mac OS X, OS/2 Warp 4, eComStation, Haiku and Windows.

aaaaarg.fail (free)
Must use an EU VPN (the browser, Opera, has a built-in VPN that will work) to access this enormous repository of critical theory.

Academia.edu (free and paid)
Academia is the easiest way to share papers with millions of people across the world for free.

Brookings Institution

British Library EThOS (free)
Search and order theses online.

Directory of Open Access Journals

Directory of Open Access Repositories

Documentary Mania (free)
Free documentary films.


Expert Access

Full Text Reports


IEEE Xplore

Internet Scientific Publications (free)
Access to dozens of peer-reviewed scientific journals and their articles, for free.



Library Genesis (free)
Library Genesis is a file-sharing based shadow library website for scholarly journal articles, academic and general-interest books, images, comics, and magazines. The site enables free access to content that is otherwise pay-walled or not digitized elsewhere.


Monoskop (free)
A wiki for arts, media and humanities.

National Bureau of Economic Research


Open CRS

ORCID (free)
Connecting research and researchers.

Pew Research Center

PDF Drive (free)
Search and download PDF files for free.

Public Books Database (free)
Database of free books from academic presses.

PLoS: Public Library of Science

PubMed (free)
More than 33 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.

ResearchGate (free and paid)
Discover the latest scientific papers.

RAND Corporation

Russell Sage Foundation

Sci-Hub (free)
The first website in the world to provide mass & public access to research papers. Different from Science Hub.


Science Hub (free)
Provides free access to research articles and latest research information without any barriers. Different from Sci-Hub.


Social Science Research Network

Textz.com (free)
A repository of important social texts.

UbuWeb (free)
Repository of the avant-garde. Films, video, sounds, music, dance, writing, and more.

Unpaywall (free)
An open database of 20 million free scholarly articles.


Web of Science

zlibrary (free)
The world’s largest ebook library.

Online Research Tools by Global Investigative Journalism Network


Acuity (free and paid options)
Your online assistant, working 24/7 to fill your schedule.

Calendly (free and paid options)
Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails

x.ai (free and paid options)
AI scheduling that connects with all your calendars and coordinates the best time to meet with your guests.

Social Media Schedulers and Management

Amplifr (paid options)
Scheduling, collaboration, and analytics. Publication and analytics in social networks for better results and time for important tasks in all social networks from one window, metrics from posts to projects, collaboration and automation of routine.

Buffer (paid options)
Separate tools (paid for separately) to publish and analyze your social media posts.

Bulkly (paid options)
Bulk social media automation for your Buffer account.

CinchShare (paid options)
Very simple, very cheap social media scheduler. Unlimited scheduling to unlimited accounts.

CoSchedule Marketing Suite (paid options)
A family of agile marketing products: content marketing software, social media management software, cross-functional marketing calendar, team collaboration software, and coming soon, digital asset management software.

DrumUp (free and paid options)
Social media management and content creation; all-in-one content marketing; content discovery API; employee advocacy.

Hootsuite (free and paid options)
10 social profiles with unlimited scheduling.

Jollor (paid options)
Prioritization and filtering of content that you see based on user’s influence; unlimited team collaboration but each account added is an additional $5 so this can add up quickly.

MeetEdgar (paid options)
Automate and schedule content. Edgar writes suggested variations on content for you, rotates content past your scheduled posts, and more.

Oktopost (paid options)
Manage, monitor, and measure all of your social media activities to reach your B2B marketing goals.

OnlyPult (paid options)
One control panel for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, TikTok, Tumblr, WordPress, Telegram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Pinterest, and more.

Plann (free and paid options)
Phone app. Free version is only Instagram. Paid plans allow access to Facebook and LinkedIn scheduling, too. Stock image libraries; access to Canva; drag and drop calendar planning.

Planoly (free and paid options)
Desktop and phone apps. Easily plan & schedule your content for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter.

Post Planner (paid options)
Social media management and engagement tool.

Recurpost (free and paid options)
RecurPost allows you to automatically share your updates at the best time, saving you countless hours and increasing your social media engagement every week.

Sendible (paid options)
More supported integrations than any other social media tool.

Smarter Queue (paid options)
Tools for publishing, monitoring and engaging, analytics, and even Instagram.

SocialBee (paid options)
Custom URLs and tracking features.

Social Jukebox (paid options)
Automated content posting from archive you create, scheduling of targeted posts, mentions database.

Social Pilot (paid options)
Social media scheduling: scheduling, calendar, bulk scheduling, content curation, RSS feeds automation, browser extension; analytics, Facebook ads, social inbox, team and client management.

Sprout Social (paid options)
Engagement, publishing and scheduling, analytics, listening.

Multi-platform Tools

Fastory (free and paid options)
Create mobile contests for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Hashtagify (paid options)
Unlimited Hashtag searches with related hashtags, popularity and correlations; Real-time insights on any Twitter and Instagram Hashtag; 10 Top Influencers per tracked hashtag; analyze your own account, competitors and influencers; Custom suggestions to find the best hashtags basing on your content.

Linktree (free and paid options)
Connect audiences to all of your content with just one link.

Lnk.Bio (free and paid options)
Multiple links for your Instagram bio.

Smarter Queue’s free Social Profile Analysis (free)
Discover your best posting times, #hashtags, @mentions, and more.

Unum (free and paid options)
Plan and create Instagram, TikTok, Stories, and more.

Facebook Tools

Pagemodo (free and paid options)
A Facebook page social media manager.

Group Funnels (free and paid options)
Automate your new Facebook group member onboarding, save time, and collect emails.

Manychat (free and paid options)
Automates and combines Messenger and SMS.

Instagram Tools

4k Stogram (free and paid options)
Backup your entire Instagram account: photos, tags, captions, and all.

Combin (free and paid options)
Manages your Instagram account.

Flume for Mac (free and paid options)
An Instagram viewing app for Mac.

Grum (paid)
Schedule your Instagram from the web.

Instaloader (free)
Backup your photos and metadata from your Instagram account.

Later (free and paid options)
Schedule Instagram for up to a month in advance, including Stories.

Repost for Instagram (free)
Repost Instagram posts.

Storrito (free and paid options)
Create and schedule Instagram Stories comfortably from your desktop pc.

Tailwind (paid options)
Pinterest and Instagram scheduling, marketing, planning, hashtag finder, smart bio.

Top Nine (free)
Discover and share your Top Nine Instagram posts while drag and dropping to rearrange and even picking your favorite top nine.

Unfold (free and paid options)
Phone app. Create stories from templates.

Twitter Tools

Commun.it (free and paid options)
Share top curated content and tweets, send every post at the optimal time, analytics, all messages in one box.

Hashtagger (free)
Hashtag suggestions, auto hashtags, emoji suggestions, auto emojis.

Followerwonk (free and paid options)
View social authority rankings; see followers and their locations; compare follows/followers; view follower losses and gains; maximize times to tweet; know when followers are active; see what tweets engage.

PDFMaker App (free)
A Twitter bot that lets you PDF any page, including Twitter conversations! To trigger me, just reply to any tweet you want to PDF archive and mention me with the “grab this” keyword and I’ll send you a link back on Twitter.

Retweet Pick (free)
Simple and effective random retweet draw for Twitter giveaways.

Thread Reader App (free)
Simplify reading, saving, and sharing Twitter threads.

Tweepi (paid)
Uses the hashtags and Twitter accounts you input to reveal which accounts you should interact with to get the most engagement.

Tweriod (free)
Analyzes your Twitter account to tell you the best times for you to post.

Airtable (free and paid options)
Team project management platform – the power of a database with the familiarity of a spreadsheet.

Asana (free and paid options)
Project management tool – bring your team’s goals, plans, tasks, files, and more together in one shared space. And view your work any way you want.

Basecamp (free and paid options)
The all-in-one toolkit for working remotely.

BriefX (free and paid options)
A team collaboration app that combines a dedicated chat messenger, the option to video chat on any device, a task manager or to-do list (call it what you want), and file sharing. Available via the web as well as for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iPhone.

Click Up (free and paid options)
Tasks, docs, chat, goals, & more.

Done (free)
Chats. Calendar. To-dos. Files. Web and apps.

Float (paid options)
A visual team planner for scheduling with apps available for Slack, Zapier, iOS, Android, and more.

Freedcamp (free and paid options)
Freedcamp offers everything your team needs to successfully complete any project.

GetBusy (free and paid options)
Automated reminders for many forms of tasks that integrates with multiple platforms.

Good Day (free and paid options)
GoodDay is a modern work management platform that brings together the best tools for high-level planning, project and product management, task organization and productivity growth based on transparency, agility, and motivation.

JIRA (free and paid options)
Team project management software for software development, with software integration, workflow, roadmap, scaling ability and security

Jumppl (paid options)
Jumppl is an all-in-one modular platform designed for Agencies of all sizes with project management, team chat, client portals, file storage, wiki, team calendar, team feed, job request forms and invoices

Monday.com (paid options)
Monday.com is a project management tool that enables organizations to manage tasks, projects, and team work

Ora (free and paid options)
Agile task management & team collaboration. Available as a web application and a desktop application for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Mobile applications are coming soon.

Plan (free and paid options)
Part calendar, part project-manager, Plan automates work life so you and your team can work less and do more.

ProofHub (paid options)
Easily plan, collaborate, organize and deliver projects of all sizes, on time, using one project planning software with all the right tools put at one place.

Process St (paid options)
Process Street is a simple, free and powerful way to manage your team’s recurring checklists and procedures.

Quire (free)
A visual collaborative platform for your next, great projects.

Samepage (free and paid options)
Team collaboration software that facilitates communication, project management, running meetings, online collaboration and more by combining team chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, task management, file sharing, and real-time team document collaboration in a single cloud-based collaborative workspace.

Sandstorm (free)
If you want to self-host your collaboration/management apps so that third party cloud services don’t have access to your data, this is the way to go!

Scoro (paid options)
All-in-one business management software.

Simul (free and paid options)
Version control and collaboration for Microsoft Word.

Slite (free and paid options)
Think combination of Slack with Google Docs. Good for knowledge bases, project documentation, onboarding, meeting notes, and any other collaborative text document.

Sunsama (paid options)
Organize everything you need to do today in one place. Tasks, meetings, emails, you name it.

Taskworld (paid options)
Seamlessly manage projects, track tasks and collaborate with your team across multiple projects; all from one tool.

Tandem (paid options)
See, talk to, and collaborate with your team in one click; cross-platforms and 40+ integrations.

ToDoist (free and paid options)
The to do list to organize work & life.

Toggl (free and paid options)
Three tools: time tracking, project management, and candidate screening.

Trello (free and paid options)
Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable teams to organize and prioritize projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.

Whimsical (free and paid options)
For those who communicate best visually, this tool allows for collaboration on flowcharts, wireframes, sticky notes, and mind maps.

Workflowy (free)
WorkFlowy is a tool for taking notes and making lists.

Wrike (free and paid options)
A work management platform gives your team full visibility and control over all your tasks and projects.

Yanado (free and paid options)
A work management tool for Gmail.

Zenkit (free and paid options)
Task management, project management, ERP, CRM, help desks, support and ticket systems, personal planning, HR and recruitment, wiki, and more. Import from a variety of other services.

Zenkit To Do (free and paid options)
When you don’t need all the features of Zenkit, Zenkit To Do organizes your tasks, shopping lists, meetings, events, trips, ideas, notes, places, etc. with timed lists, due dates and reminders, share and assign tasks.

Zoho Projects (paid options)
Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management tool that helps you plan your work, track it efficiently, and collaborate with your team wherever they are.

Bonsai (paid options)
Freelancing solution suite includes: proposals, contracts, time tracking, expense tracking, invoicing & payments, recurring payments; templates for freelance contracts, freelance invoices, W9 forms, expenses spreadsheets; and numerous resources.

Cyfe (paid options)
Monitor and visualize your business on one easy to use, real-time dashboard. Social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support – all of your data together.

Freedcamp (free and paid options)
Team collaboration software available for the web, iOS, and Android. Provides task lists, subtasks, Kanban boards, a calendar, discussions, milestones, wiki, time tracking, and more. Multiple third party integrations.

Harvest (free and paid options)
Time & Expense Tracking. Unlimited Invoices & Estimates. Project Budget Alerts. Timesheet Approval. Integrations with 100+ Apps. Apps for iOS, Android & Mac. Bank-Level Security.

Moo.do (free and paid options)
Task manager, outliner, email client, and calendar, all in one. Integrates Google Tasks, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Contacts, OneNote, and Evernote.

Noko (paid options)
Time and expense tracking, plus invoicing.

Notion (free and paid options)
Combines Notes and Docs, a Knowledge Base, Tasks and Projects (Kanban board, calendar, and list views.), and Spreadsheets and Docs, all in one tool. Available as a web application, desktop application (Mac and Windows), and mobile application (Android and iOS).

Plutio (paid options)
An all-in-one business management platform that manages projects and tasks, creates proposals, and sends invoices.

Thrive (paid options)
Time tracking, time sheets, invoices, and expense tracking.

TeamWave (paid options)
Integrated CRM, project management & HR software.

Zenkit (free and paid options)
Project management, team wiki, CRM, task management, team collaboration, and database.

Keep your website privacy policies and terms of condition up to date

Termaggedon (paid)
Written and updated by real privacy attorneys, not robots (like most other sites)


Fathom (paid)
Fathom is a simple, light-weight, privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics.

HotJar (paid)
Traditional web analytics tools help you analyze traffic data. But numbers alone can’t tell you what users really do on your site — this tool does.

Plausible Analytics (paid)
A lightweight and open-source website analytics tool. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. Made and hosted in the EU.

Membership website builders, lite (alternatives to Patreon)

Buy Me A Coffee (free for content owners)
Offers one-time / tipping, monthly supporters, supporter-only posts, four payment methods for supporters, a mobile app, analytics, and 24/7 support, all for a 5% payment processing fee.

ConnectPal (free for content owners)
Similar to the more popular Patreon, this is a subscription paywall service for content creators. Its content restrictions are looser, allowing for sexual content creators, but also for right-wingers and conservatives that Patreon also kicked off. The real bonus to ConnectPal is that they add the service fee on top of what the creators charge instead of taking it out of the subscription price. However, there’s a major downside: creators only get paid if they reach a total of $200 in subscriptions per month. So, if you know you’re getting higher volume subscriptions, this might be an alternative for you.

Ghost (paid)
For writers, podcasters and video creators set up sites to publish online and deliver newsletters to their audience; membership/paid subscribers option available; can use your own domain.

Gumroad (free and paid)
Sell digital products and memberships.

Liberapay (free / fees vary by payment processor)
More integrations than Patreon; accepts payments through Stripe and PayPal; does not take a cut like Patreon does. Payment processing fees, only.

Snowdrift Wiki (free resource)
Comparison of fundraising and crowdfunding services.

Substack (Free / 10% of paid subscriptions)
Email list, a website for all your posts or podcast episodes, community features, control over what’s free and what’s only for your paying subscriber; uses a subdomain. Free to use until you charge members for content, then Substack takes a 10% fee.

Community and membership website builders

Commsor (request access)
Commsor is your community operating system – powerful analytics, automations, and engagement tools for world-class community management and integration with community tools and channels that you already use like Slack, Discourse, GitHub, Hubspot, Mailchimp, and more.

Disciple (paid options)
Creates a website and matching iOS and Android apps to create your own community platform with online courses, membership site, subscriptions, sales, and more.

Join It (paid options)
Membership management software with a simple and intuitive membership database that automates your tasks and scales with you as you grow.

Launchpass (free and paid options)
A program that allows you to charge for access to Slack teams and channels, now with a Discord version.

Memberful (free+ transaction fee and paid options)
Sell memberships to your audience. Works with Stripe, WordPress, and Mailchimp.

MemberPress (paid options)
Installs into WordPress.

MemberSpace (paid options)
A tool to turn any part of your website into members-only with just a few clicks.

MemberStack (paid options)
A tool to set membership plans, pricing, and permissions for your website and manage members through a simple dashboard.

Member.buzz (free)
Website builder, memberships, fundraisers, event registration and ticket sales, newsletters, auctions, budgets, articles (posts), sales, and more features coming soon; works with your own domain. Free except for sales (they charge a transaction fee).

Mighty Networks (free and paid options)
Website builder, online courses, subscriptions, and membership site; accessible via the Mighty Networks app and the web; works with your own domain.

PeepSo (paid options)
Installs into WordPress, creates a social networking community on your WordPress site.

Pico (free until you grow past 500 contacts, plus % fees)
Tools for integrated newsletter signups and membership payments – sign up options via a dedicated landing page, own website pop up, and HTML forms, and options for accepting payments through a widget for your website or a landing page.

Podia (paid options)
5+ tools that provide everything you need to sell online courses, digital downloads, and memberships.

Ultimate Member (paid)
Installs into WordPress.

Wild Apricot (paid options)
Membership database, website builder, payments, event management, email and contact database, online store; accessible via the Wild Apricot app and the web; works with your own domain.

Lead Capturing, Landing Pages, Funnels, and Marketing

Albacross (paid options)
The Revenue Acceleration Platform that gives you an unparalleled power to capture companies’ demand and accelerate your revenue.

Carrd (free)
Carrd is a platform for building simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything, whether it’s a personal profile, a landing page with a MailChimp signup form, or something a bit more elaborate. It’s fast, flexible, simple to use, and 100% free.

ClickFunnels (paid options)
ClickFunnels is a website and sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs.

FixYourFunnel (paid options)
Full featured text messaging for business – seamlessly integrate text messaging into Infusionsoft for your business.

Gleam (paid options)
Marketing apps designed to help you grow your business.

InstaPage (paid options)
Lead capturing.

Kajabi (paid options)
Build, market and sell your online course, membership site or coaching program with no coding, no hiring, no learning curve, no plugins and no broken integrations. Just a beautiful, professional knowledge business built with just a few clicks.

Kartra (paid)
Checkout, leadpages, pages, mail, funnels and campaigns, memberships, videos, help desks, calendars, forms, affiliates, agency, marketplace, integrations and API.

LeadPages (paid options)
Lead capturing – Leadpages helps small businesses connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales. Easily build websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond.

Mailshake (paid options)
Build sales outreach cadences with email, phone, and social in as little as 5 minutes.

OptInMonster (paid options)
Lead capturing.

Picreel (paid options)
Picreel optimizes offers on your website by tracking visitors’ digital footprint and click behavior in real time and then serves up the most relevant offer as they navigate around your valuable content.

SleekNote (paid options)
Take full control of your popups with our user-friendly campaign builder. Design branded popups and set up advanced targeting options—without a designer or developer.

Unbounce (paid options)
Lead capturing.

Live Chat on Site

Help On Click (paid options)
Live chat with your website visitors.

Intercom (contact for info)
Business messenger with live chats, bots, apps, product tours, and more—like email, messages, and a help center—that help you build relationships with your customers.

Landbot (free and paid options)
Landbot manages and automates conversations on the main messaging channels to help you convert smarter, every time. Design, deploy and analyze your conversational strategies from the same place, sending the information across without a single line of code.

LiveChat (paid options)
LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales.

Manychat (free and paid options)
Sell products, book appointments, nurture leads, capture contact info, and build relationships all through Messenger.

Tawk (free / will answer your messages for $1/hour)
Monitor and chat with the visitors on your website, respond to support tickets and create a help center to empower customers to help themselves.

videoask (free and paid options)
Allows you to have asynchronous conversations with your customers on web & mobile by asking questions via video and allowing your customers/visitors to reply via video, audio, or text. All conversations are recorded, transcribed, and organized for you.


geniuslink (paid options)
Get the most out of every link with simple and powerful tools that improve conversions and save you time.

Intravert (free and paid options)
We allow you to sell ad spaces through your website and monetize your community through sponsorships and private advertisers, no tracking needed.

Platforms to turn your website into a store

Big Cartel (free and paid options)
Platform for creating a unique online store, sell your work, and run a creative business.

StorEnvy (free and paid options)
Storenvy is an e-commerce platform which consists of an online store builder and social marketplace

Woo Commerce (free)
Installs into WordPress.

Platforms to turn your website into a teaching tool

Kajabi (paid options) Build, market and sell your online course, membership site or coaching program with no coding, no hiring, no learning curve, no plugins and no broken integrations.

LearnPress (free)
Installs into WordPress.

Teachable (free and paid options)
Online platform for creating and selling online courses and coaching services.

Thinkific (free and paid options)
All-in-one platform for creating, marketing, and selling your own online courses.

Platforms to run your website

Blot (free)
Create a blog that is as simple or as fancy as you want, all through Dropbox.

CMS Made Simple (free)
If you’re tired of the constraints and bloat of WordPress, check this open source content management system out. Many addon features are available and sites are easier to design than with WP.

concrete5 (free)
Open source and highly responsive content management system.

enduro.js CMS (free)
Open source, beautifully and simply designed, and the fastest rendering CMS I’ve ever encountered.

Grav (free)
An open source, flat file CMS that focuses on speed and simplicity. It’s ready to use right after install.

ghost (paid)
A fully open source, adaptable platform for building and running a modern online publication such as a blog or magazine.

headlessCMS (free resource guide)
A list of content management systems for Jamstack sites.

Hexo (free)
A fast, simple, and powerful blog framework for those comfortable with the command line. Rich in plugins and themes.

Hugo (free)
The world’s fastest framework for building websites. Hugo is one of the most popular open-source static site generators. With its amazing speed and flexibility, Hugo makes building websites fun again.

Jekyll (free)
Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs.No more databases, comment moderation, or pesky updates to install—just your content. Markdown, Liquid, HTML & CSS go in. Static sites come out ready for deployment. Permalinks, categories, pages, posts, and custom layouts are all first-class citizens here. This is the future of blog web design.

Liftoff (free)
Liftoff makes it easy to generate your own static HTML websites that pull content from a table in your Airtable base.

Micro.blog (free)
Start a new blog or migrate an existing blog to Micro.blog with your own domain name. Features: short microblog posts or full-length posts; markdown for styling, custom themes; categories, photos, podcasts, video, and more; post to your blog from the web or native apps; replies, conversations, and a timeline to follow friends. Supports open IndieWeb standards so you can use many third-party apps.

Milkshake (free)
Make a free insta website on your phone in minutes.

MODX (free)
The fastest, most flexible, scalable and secure, open-source CMS which can be extended with Extras and integrated with just about anything.

Moveable Type (paid)
An originator of the blogging field, it offers stability, a user-friendly interface, and beautifully extensive visual customization for websites and blogs.

Nikola (free)
Static website generator.

Pelican (free)
An open source static site generator that requires no database or server-side logic.

Pillowfort (paid)
A blogging platform where fans and creators alike can share their work, create a community of their own, and do so in a positive and safe environment. NSFW content allowed!

Postach.io (free)
Turn an Evernote™ notebook into a beautiful blog or website.

Publishthis.email (free)
1. Write an email with the content for your page 2. Send it to page@publishthis.email 3. They reply with a link to your new page

Refinery CMS (free)
Open source content management system run on Ruby on Rails.

StaticGen (free resource guide)
A list of static site generators for Jamstack sites.

Write.as (free)
Helps you create a blog, journal, or news­letter that readers will love to read. Create a permanent home for your words, then simply write — all without ads. don’t track you, so you can write exactly what you feel. Write anonymously or under different identities, giving you full control over who knows what about you. They can get your updates on the web, in their inbox, via RSS, or on their favorite social network — even de­cen­tra­lized platforms like Mastodon and Pleroma.

SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click)

Ad Espresso (paid options)
AdEspresso is a tool for creating, managing, and analyzing your ads, that allows you to collaborate and learn, for Facebook, Instagram and Google ads.

Ahrefs (paid options)
An all-in-one SEO toolset, with free learning materials and a passionate community & support.

Frase (paid options)
SEO that will still work in 2030. The future of search is about answers, not links. Conversations, not rigid keywords. Frase transforms how you deliver answers with your content.

KeywordTool.io (free and paid option)
Keyword Tool is the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner and other keyword research tools.

Moz (paid options)
An all-in-one SEO toolset site tracing, rank audits, backlink analysis, keyword research and more.

Pingdom (paid options)
Pingdom is the trusted industry standard for easy and powerful web performance and digital experience monitoring.

PlePer (paid options)
Specialized software to find and monitor duplicate listings, incompletes and inconsistencies in Google My Business, Facebook and more.

Rank Math (paid options)
Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that makes it easy for anyone to optimize their content with built-in suggestions based on widely-accepted best practices. Easily customize important SEO settings, control which pages are indexable, and how you want your website to appear in search with structured data.

Raven Tools (paid options)
SEO and Reporting Tools – all-in-one platform.

Screaming Frog (free and paid options)
The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler that helps you improve onsite SEO, by extracting data & auditing for common SEO issues. Download & crawl 500 URLs for free, or buy a licence to remove the limit & access advanced features.

SEMrush (paid options)
All-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals with tools for SEO, PPC, social media content marketing and market research.

SEOQuake (free)
SEOquake is a free plugin for Chrome browser that provides you with key SEO metrics, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit and many others.

SE Ranking (paid options)
A cloud-based platform for SEO and online marketing professionals that provides a complete set of tools for comprehensive site audit, competitor analysis, website ranking, keyword suggestion and grouping, backlink monitoring, automated professional reporting, and much more.

SpyFu (paid options)
A keyword research and competitive intelligence tool that is used by digital marketers to improve their performance in online search. More specifically, SpyFu can be used to identify the most profitable search terms in your competitors’ paid and organic search campaigns.

StoryChief (paid options)
StoryChief puts everything you need to get your content marketing done in one place. Organise, structure and distribute your content multi-channel.

Yoast (paid options)
Yoast helps you with your website optimization, whether it be through our widely used SEO software or our online SEO courses.

Site Design

Da Button Factory Web Button Maker (free)
Easily make ‘buttons’ as PNG or CSS for websites, email signatures, forums, or any other place. They can be embedded, linked to, downloaded, and copied once you are done customizing them to look how you want them.

Gimli (free)
Smart visual tools for front-end developers.

Creative Minds (free and paid options)
99+ plug-ins for WordPress for admin, community, content, monetization, publishing, customer service, and more.

Croccante PRO WordPress Theme (free and paid options)
One of my favorite one-page WordPress themes. Responsive, widget-ready, kept up-to-date. Ideal for selling your personal brand and the services you offer.

DesktopServer (free and paid options)
Builds your website on your computer before it goes live on your website.

Elegant Themes (paid options)
The creator of many popular WordPress themes and plug-ins, including the immensely popular drag-and-drop Divi theme.

Flamingo for Contact Form 7 (free)
Saves inbound messages into a database accessible via your WordPress control panel.

InboundWP (free and paid options)
A marketing pack with a spin wheel, deal countdown timer, social proof, marketing pop-up, testimonials, WhatsApp chat support

Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer (free)
Easily turn data stored in a Google Spreadsheet, CSV file, MySQL database, or the output of a Google Apps Script into a beautiful interactive chart or graph, sortable and searchable table, or both. Embed live previews of PDF, XLS, DOC, and other file formats supported by the Google Docs Viewer. A built-in cache provides extra speed.

InstantWP (free)
Builds your website on your computer before it goes live on your website.

MAMP (free)
Builds your website on your computer before it goes live on your website.

UpStream (free)
A WordPress project management plugin that allows you to manage any type of project.

XAMPP (free)
Builds your website on your computer before it goes live on your website.

WP Page Builder (paid)
Most advanced visual page builder for WordPress.

WP User Frontend Pro (free and paid options)
Easily create amazing directory & membership sites, event registration forms, allow guest posting, and much more.

After The Deadline (free and paid)
A language checker for the web with contextual spell checking, advanced style checking, intelligent grammar checking.

AutoCrit (free and paid options)
Analyzes your manuscript to identify areas for improvement, including pacing and momentum, dialogue, strong writing, word choice and repetition.

Connected Text (one-time license)
Personal wiki system that runs on your Windows machine.

Draft (free)
Easy version control and collaboration for writers.

editMinion (free)
A robotic copy editor to help you refine your writing by finding common mistakes.

Expresso (free)
Edits your writing to make it more readable, precise, and engaging.

FocusWriter (free)
A simple, distraction-free writing environment. It uses a hide-away interface that you access by moving your mouse to the edges of the screen, allowing the program to have a familiar look and feel to it while still getting out of the way so that you can immerse yourself in your work. It’s available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, and has been translated into many different languages.

Grammarly (free and paid)
A grammar checker for browsers and Word.

Headline Analyzer (free)
Helps you improve the wording of your headlines/titles.

Hemingway Editor (free and paid options)
A desktop app that highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors.

Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator (free)
Enter a subject via keywords to have content ideas generated for you.

Liquid Story Binder XE (one-time license)
Word processing for novelists; chapter and scene-based writing; multimedia organizer; full screen editing; timelines, outlines, mindmaps, dossiers, journals, sequences and storyboards. Easy to back up. Windows, only.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator (free)
Enter a subject via keywords to have content ideas generated for you

ProWritingAid (free and paid options)
A web editor and plugin that will clean up your writing by detecting grammar and spelling mistakes, plagiarism and contextual errors. It also analyzes your writing and produces reports on writing style, sentence length, grammar, and repeated words and phrases.

Outline4D (one-time license)
Visual outliner for writers that lets you brainstorm, create, structure and organize your ideas. Windows, only.

Q10 (free)
Small install, full screen mode, live text statistics, customizable page count, timer, spellchecker, notes, target count, partial counts, autocorrection, autosave. Windows, only.

Scrivener (one-time license)
Text editing, full screen editing/writing, import previous writing, corkboard, outliner, view documents side-by-side, templates and icons, set goals and follow progress, metadata, collections, export, snapshots. Mac, Windows, iOS.

SmartEdit (free and paid options)
If you’re a writer writing in Microsoft Word, you need SmartEdit for Word — the Microsoft Word Add-In. If you’re a writer who does not use Word, check out our free app SmartEdit Writer. Professional editors who edit the work of other writers using Microsoft Word should look at SmartEdit Pro.

Sonar (free)
Submission tracking tool.

Sourced Fact (free)
Journalism with crowd sourced fact checking. As a writer, you can sign up to have your pieces published with fact checking included.

Svbtle (paid)
Very simple publishing platform.

WordRake (paid)
Cuts out the unnecessary words or phrases that creep into your writing. It works with Microsoft Word and Outlook, depending on which license you purchase.

Write.as (paid)
Helps you create a blog, journal, or news­letter that readers will love to read. Create a permanent home for your words, then simply write — all without ads. don’t track you, so you can write exactly what you feel. Write anonymously or under different identities, giving you full control over who knows what about you. They can get your updates on the web, in their inbox, via RSS, or on their favorite social network — even de­cen­tra­lized platforms like Mastodon and Pleroma.

WriteClearly (free)
Get specific suggestions on how to improve web pages with simpler, more effective writing using plain language. Analyze the whole page or selected passages. Catch long sentences, spot complex words, and search for simpler synonyms.

WriteMonkey (free)
Full-screen editing, no installation necessary, portable, Currently available plugins: Corkboards, Big Huge Thesaurus. Namely, Clipboard picker, Pomodoro timer, Quick search, Auto indent.

Write or Die (free and paid)
If you can figure out the interface of the web app, it’s free — and it’s an excellent writing tool to keep you on task.

Writer (free)
Web app; distraction-free focus; automatic backups; no character limits; writing goals and statistics.

yWriter 6 (free)
A word processor which breaks your novel into chapters and scenes, helping you keep track of your work while leaving your mind free to create. It will not write your novel for you, suggest plot ideas or perform creative tasks of any kind. Windows and Mac.