Tools: Accounting, Financing, and Money Management

Individual Accounting and Finances

Expensify (free)
An expense reporting mobile and web application; the app tracks and files expenses such as fuel, travel, and meals; once users photograph receipts, artificial intelligence identifies the merchant, date and amount of the transaction, then automatically categorizes and saves the expense. It also allows users to create receipts from online purchases that can be submitted for reimbursement

MileIQ (free and paid options)
Accurate mileage reports. Stress-free logging. On your desktop. In the palm of your hand.

Mint (free)
We bring all of your money to one place, from balances and bills to credit score and more. Easily create budgets, and see our suggestions based on your spending. Check your free credit score as many times as you like, and get tips to help improve it.

Monefy (free)
Personal finance application that makes money management easy. Does not connect to any of your financial accounts so your information is more secure; all transactions are added manually. Android and iOS.

Shared Harvest Fund (paid options)
Get student loan debt paid off in exchange for volunteer work.

Track My Subs (free and paid options)
Take control of your subscriptions and be reminded before they hit your credit card.

You Need A Budget (paid options)
Personal budgeting software.

Small Business Accounting and Finances

AccountEdge (one time fee)
Small business accounting software for Mac and Windows. Also available via addon services: payroll processing, credit card processing, business checks, and email invoices/statements with payment links to allow your customers to pay online. Integrates with Shopify. Accepts recurring, subscription, and membership billing with Rerun integration.

AND CO (free and paid options)
Proposals, contracts, invoicing, payments, tasks, expense tracking, time tracking, and reports. (paid options)
Bench gives you a dedicated bookkeeper supported by a team of in-house experts. They’re here to take tedious financial admin and bookkeeping stress off your plate—for good.

FreshBooks (paid options)
Invoicing and accounting software. Expenses and receipts, time tracking, estimates, accept online payments, customizable invoices, payment reminders, automatic late fees, recurring invoices, much more.

Hiveage (free and paid options)
Online invoicing, estimates, payment gateways, financial reports, recurring billing, teams & businesses, time tracking, expenses tracking, mileage tracking, credit and debit card processing, and shareable payment links.

InvoiceBerry (paid options)
Invoices and quotes/ estimates, expenses, reports, multiple users, clients and items.

Invoicely (free and paid options)
Invoicing, online payments, time tracking, expense tracking, mileage, your own branding, manage your own multiple businesses with different team members, reports.

InvoiceQuick (free)
Free invoice generator for small business, freelancers and startups.

Neat (paid options)
Invoicing, track receipts, reconcile, prepare for taxes. Super simple accounting.

Quickbooks (paid options)
Accounting, payroll, and payments.

Wave Financial (free and paid options)
Accounting software, invoicing, payment solutions, payroll, and receipt tracking.

ZipBooks (free and paid options)
Accounting, one time and recurrent billing, reports and insights, expense tracking.

Zoho Invoice (free and paid options)
Invoices, payment reminders, accept credit cards online using your preferred payment gateway, estimates including terms and conditions, client portal, time tracking, expenses.

Automatic Money Savers (Automated Investment Services)

Invest spare change with every swipe, save money from no hidden fees and fee-reimbursed nationwide ATMs, and automatically set aside money from your paycheck. Has its own checking/debit card. Android, iOS, web.

Banking, investing, loans, longterm planning. Has its own checking/debit card. Android, iOS, web.

Analyzes your spending and automatically saves the perfect amount every day, so you don’t have to think about it. Android and iOS.

Banking, investment, retirement, and custodial accounts. Has its own checking/debit card. Android, iOS, web.

Cash reserve, no-fee banking, investing, IRA and 401(k). Has its own checking/debit card. Android, iOS, web.

intimate (ITM) is a token for payments, privacy, and reputation across the adult industry. intimate allows access to high quality content and interactions without having to disclose personal information, but still enjoying the benefits of reputation and reward industry wide

Privacy-protecting, digital currency built on strong science.


Credit card payoff calculator tool by Bankrate
Self-explanatory. Enter your debt amount, the interest rate, and whether you want to make payments over a certain amount of time or via a certain amount every month, and ta-da, this tool provides the total amount you’ll be paying and how long it will take to pay-off your debt.

Hourly Rate Calculator by Beewits
It’s a simple tool that will help you calculate how much you need to charge per hour based on the lifestyle you plan to have and expenses associated with your freelancing work.