Tools: Health

Crisis Toolkit (free)
An assortment of resources that may provide perspective, comfort, and/or tools that could be of assistance to people experiencing various sorts of tough times.

DareBee (free)
An independent global fitness resource.

Flaredown (free)
An app for tracking your symptoms, triggers, and treatments, including the ability to track food, medications, natural treatments, mental health, weather, physical activity, and anything else you want.

Mindly (free)
New groundbreaking system to keep you organized and focused.

PainTrain (paid)
Customized pain management system.

Psych Ward Reviews (free)
Dedicated to hosting submitted reviews of psychiatric hospitals, programs, and facilities.

Thrive (free)
The Thrive Hearing Control app gives the user full control over their hearing aids using their smartphone.

You Feel Like Shit (free)
When self-care seems difficult, this web-based game guides you through making it easier.